March Madness for Revis Jets Jerseys

March Madness for Revis Jets Jerseys

I love bargains.  I especially love them when I can get my hands on authentic high quality merchandise from  my beloved New York Jets.

With the announcement of the Jets’ signing of Darrelle Revis, Twitter and Jets nation from all over the world were stoked that the prodigal son has returned.

The Jets most likely wanted to take advantage of the excitement and announced via email that from the, EVERYTHING is 50% off if you use the code JetsNow.

One of the biggest trends just after the announcement was Jets fans starting flocking to online sporting goods stores to try and snag a discounted Jets Revis Jersey.  The NFLShop had them for $50.00 while other sites were similar from the traditional $100.00 for a Nike replica.

Most of the stores figured out that the trade happened and either the sites sold out fast or the owners took the Jersey’s down to put them back up at full price.

One company, Lids, Inc. had a white Revis Jersey for $20.00!  A big shout out to Michael on Twitter who shared the link with me, and then I with Jets Nation.


I must have received over 50 replies thanking me for the link and that they ordered their Jersey. I heard that all sizes were available for men, women and children. Some fans snagged multiples at a time for family members.


I’m assuming that some of the people were replacing the Revis Jersey’s they may have tossed, lost, or in some cases burned when Revis left the Jets. I’ve heard stories that some fans kept their #24 when he went to Tampa, but once he signed with the Patriots, that was too much for them to bare and they tossed it.

Most fans have forgiven Revis, and welcomed back with open arms. I’m in that camp, but there are some fans that are still pissed off claiming he’s only for the money and that they won’t support him. I get it, but I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. When you are on my team, I love you, depending on how you leave, I forget about you. Hey Rex, FYI, you are dead to me. It’s just the way it goes at least for me.

Are you the same way?

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