Picking up a Jets Namath Antique for $2.00

Picking up a Jets Namath Antique for $2.00

I love when I come across old gems, historical pieces whether it’s WWII, or my beloved New York Jets.

I decided to take a break from pounding the keyboard (I work at home on my business, Stoney Creek Creative, LLC), and get out since it was a nice sunny and above 30 degree day.  If you live in the North East, you are probably like me, sick of the snow!

Anyway, I passed this old antique book shop and on a whim decided to go in.  I must have passed this place thousands of times in 15 years but never paid too much attention to it.  Why I decided to go in, I have no idea other than boredom and curiosity.

The first thing that hits you when you enter the door is the smell of old books.   You know, when you go into the attic or down the basement and find that box full of worn out discolored books.

I was looking for a particular book in WWII and asked if the owner had it.  I assumed she was going to punch it up on her computer and discover the location in her database.  Nope.  She told me she had nothing cataloged but pointed me towards the area where the WWII books were located.

I found the section and was praying that they were in some kind of order, year, alphabetical by title or by author.  Nope.  So I hunkered down on the floor and just started going through the shelf.  Not finding anything I was interested in, I started heading out to the door and saw a sign for Football.

Of course I’m going to stop.  Man, I’m glad I did.  I found publications, books, magazines, playbooks (yes playbooks) going all the way back to 1930.  I came across this gem of a publication that was protected in plastic.  On one side it had Fran on it and when I flipped it over my eyes lit up.  There was a crisp picture of a young Joe Namath.  The publication was from November 1969 and it was a guide of when the AFL and NFL games were on television.  I also had listings for NHL, NBA and College football.  The price tag was $10.00 but the owner saw my eyes lit up and said, for you and since you are wearing a Jets shirt, $2.00.  Boom.

While she was ringing me out, she saw the picture of Joe and said with a sigh.  “Oh he’s good looking.  I remember the time when he hit on my sister.”  That got a chuckle out of me.  I sure didn’t doubt her claim.  She asked if he was married and I said he’s a changed man who lives in Florida and adores his young Granddaughter.   She smiled and said see, people do change over time.

I thought this was a cool little story and wanted to share.  Thanks for reading and Go JETS!