Jets Twit Rumors: 6th Pick, Harvin, Spiller and Cutler

Jets Twit Rumors:  6th Pick, Harvin, Spiller and Cutler

Now that the Combine is over and with the NFL Deadlines looming, Jets rumors are running rampant on Twitter.  We give you the latest, our opinion if they are true or not and our best guess on the probability of them happening.

Rumor:   Jets will NOT be selecting a QB at #6

First Heard:  February 22, 2015

Possibility:   High Chance

Source:  Drew Boylhart (42k Followers on Twitter), FWAA & NSSA + Senior Analyst for The Huddle Report com.

My Take:  I think this is a possibility.  I agree with the source that both QBs could be gone by 6.   If both aren’t gone by #2 (Bucs and Titans) I do believe someone will trade up.  There is also a great chance that the Jets don’t believe Mariota is the guy and will select a different position or trade down (Eagles Rumor).

Mariota to the Jets?

Rumor:   Patriots Interested in Harvin if Cut by Jets

First Heard:  February 24, 2015

Possibility:   50/50

Source:  Doug Kyed (9k Followers on Twitter), Patriots beat reporter for NESN.

My Take:  The Patriots are interested in EVERYONE.  I don’t see them spending 10 Million like Percy is said to demand and the rumor is he won’t renegotiate.  His agents are doing work, by slipping these tidbits out to the media.

Will Percy Harving be back with the Jets?

Rumor:   Jets are Interested in Free Agent Spiller

First Heard:  February 20, 2015

Possibility:   50/50

Source:  Jason La Cafora (472k Followers on Twitter), NFL Insider for CBS.

My Take:  We’ve been hearing this for a while.  Today, CJ spoke with Serious XM about his status and of course new Bills Head Coach Rex Ryan.

Will CJ Spiller be a Jet?

Rumor:   Jets to Trade for Jay Cutler

First Heard:  February 22, 2015

Probability:  No Chance In Hell

Source:  Sports World Support (2k Followers on Twitter),

My Take:  No way.  I see people reacting to this possibility but I’m calling BS.  Don’t panic Jets fans, I don’t see this happening.  New York would chew up and spit out Cutler.  He wouldn’t be able to handle the heat.