Jets Twit Rumors: Iupati

Jets Twit Rumors:  Iupati

With the New York Jets most likely going to cut ways with OL Willie Colon, there will be a need to ramp up the offensive line.  Mike Iupati is probably hands down the best guard in free agency, but Tony Pauline from is hearing the Jets won’t pay $8Mil for the player.

In case you missed it, here was the last installment of rumors.  (Jets Twit Rumors:  6th Pick, Harvin, Spiller and Cutler)

When asked if the Jets would go after Mike Iupati the response was, “the present belief around the league is they won’t spend $8 million for Iupati.” – Tony Pauline Via

Rumor:   Jets will NOT spend Big Money On Mike Iupati

First Heard:  February 23, 2015

Source: Tony Pauline (16.6k Followers on Twitter), Longtime NFL Draft Analyst & Publisher of

My Take: The Jets certainly need help on the offensive line.  Iupati is clearly the best guard on free agency, and even though it’s rumored that the Jets will be big players in free agency, it appears they will tackle the CB / WR position in higher priority.

Mike Iupati to the Jets?
  • Formulakid

    I think we have enough $ to Spend 8m on Lupati. Its the key to winning by protecting the QB and running the ball. Cromartie wants back, Restructure Harvin and draft Mariota. We still have $ in the bank after doing that upgrade so Whats the problem??

    • Erik Manassy

      I agree… I guess the Jets feel they can get a mid-level Guard in FA or the draft and not pay so much for the position. I always say it starts with the line up front.