Maccagnan’s Old Boss: “There Will be a Learning Curve”

Maccagnan’s Old Boss:  “There Will be a Learning Curve”

With the NFL Combine wrapping up shortly, we heard from many of the front offices of the 32 teams.

We heard plenty from Mike Maccagnan and Todd Bowles, and over the weekend we heard from Mike’s old boss on how he thinks the GM will fair in his career.

From ESPN:
“It’s not an easy transition,” said Houston Texans general manager Rick Smith, who was Maccagnan’s boss for nine years. “As much as you think about it and prepare for it, when you get into the position, there’s still a huge learning curve. That’s just the reality of the position. From that standpoint, there will be a learning curve [for Maccagnan]. There will be things he will be responsible for and skills he will have to develop that he didn’t have to do. But the aptitude is there for him to develop those skills in order to be successful.”

“Thorough. Detailed. A great evaluator. Thoughtful, I think he’s going to do a fantastic job. … He’s a heck of a talent evaluator. He’s talented.” ~ Rich Smith, Texans GM and Maccagnan’s Boss for 9 Years.
Rick Smith

From ESPN:
“I gave him a lot of advice, but I’m going to keep it between us,” Smith said, laughing. “He has deserved this opportunity. He’s very loyal, he’s a hard-working guy. He loves football. He has earned this opportunity.”

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