Rex Ryan is Circling the Wagons with Bill Belichick

Rex Ryan is Circling the Wagons with Bill Belichick

You know, now that Rex is off the Jets, I can totally see how he might be over doing it.  When a guy is on your team, you want to support him and you more times than not, you overlook the things you might not agree with.

Rex loves to show boat.  That’ s ok when you take care of your business.  When the team is running like a fine tuned engine, there is room for that bravado.  When things are going wrong, you need to shut it down.  Rex wasn’t himself the last two years with the Jets, but I think it’s safe to say that:  “He’s BACK!”.

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Of course winning cures all, and Rex Ryan was a breath of fresh air when we were coming off the reserved Eric Mangini.  2009 and 2010 were the party years with the Jets going to back to back AFC Championships.  Fast forward, you know the story, when it was bad, Rex was forced (in my opinion) by management to shut it down.

Now that he has hit the reset button with the Bills, Rex’s personality is back bigger than ever.

As a Jets fan observing this, I’m glad that we have our “all about business” reserved new head coach Todd Bowles.

Rex, I supported you when you were with the Jets, but lets say that we needed a change of scenery and I’m glad we moved on in retrospect.