Wilkerson’s Ejection Disappointing in Jets Loss

Wilkerson’s Ejection Disappointing in Jets Loss

The New York Jets lost a brutal game where there was plenty of reasons and blame to go around for the complete and utter meltdown when they fell to the Green Bay Packers Sunday night 31-24.  Muhammad Wilkerson, the Jets leader and possibly best player on the team disappointed me the most when he was tossed for his actions.

When number 96 was tossed from the game for throwing punches after Aaron Rodgers completed a two-point conversion pass to Randall Cobb to give the Pack a 24-12 lead with 5:45 remaining in the third quarter I was extremely disappointed.

Actually that’s a lie.  I was extremely stunned he was tossed, and then the anger kicked in when I saw his huge grin and his arms pumping like he was proud and enjoying his exit while he pumped up the Packers crowd making the shameful walk to locker room as his night was over.

I guess the magnitude of what he had done kicked in while he sat alone in the locker room while his teammates battled it out because at the post game interview, the expression on his face was one of embarrassment.


Said Wilkerson, “I can’t do that.  I’m a leader of this team.  That’s just not the way I’m supposed to act.  I apologized to the team.”


I think Mo got it half right, but he forgot to apologize to the fans and the young people who look up to him.  He let all of us down.  Regardless of what caused him to swing, elite players DO NOT make bone headed decisions like this on the field.

I don’t want to hear about how he was “in the heat of the moment”.  All the players were in the moment, but Mo was the only guy swinging.  Am I being a little hard on Mo?  Yes, because he IS the best player on the team, and he IS a leader.  He must always remember that everyone is looking at his example, and in this case he failed Jets nation.

I’m one to forgive and move on, but I’ll say it again:  Mo, I’m very disappointed.

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