Jets Started Out Hot; Timeout Derails Team

Jets Started Out Hot; Timeout Derails Team

Geno Smith probably had his best start as a New York Jet in his young career.  The problem was getting the team to continue their stellar play past the first 20 minutes of the game.  Scoring three touchdowns on offense while the defense rattled Aaron Rodgers and the Packers keeping them to only field goals was a great start to the game.

The problem lies with the team losing focus, intensity and ultimately common sense to finish for the win.  Mo Wilkerson getting tossed was a low point, but not the reason they lost this game.

Out of the Gate Like Hell Fire

I could not believe how fast and furious the Jets came out of the gate swinging.  In the post game, Willie Colon described a cockiness about the Packers.  And why wouldn’t they have that attitude?  They had Aaron Rodgers, they were basically invincible at home, and they were fired up by losing their opener to Seattle.  They are the GREEN BAY PACKERS, one of the best teams in the league.

No one was giving the Jets to even be competitive.  I personally had the Jets losing 30-21 in my prediction.

“I felt like Green Bay didn’t give the respect we needed, I just kind of got that feeling playing against them. Their whole swagger and things they were saying. But, hey, that’s fine. A lot of teams are going to feel that way about us. … We got to earn respect. We got to go out there and take it.”

Time Out Gate

There were many reasons why the Jets lost this game, but this was one of those things where the Jets were one extra point from tying up the game with a little more than 3 minutes to go in regulation.  The Jets did get the first down on the next play, but as you know failed to score thus ending the game.

I don’t blame Sheldon Richardson for making the call.  Marty was clearly calling for the timeout and trying to get Rex’s attention.  Once he couldn’t he decided to let the play run.  Sheldon, standing behind Rex and the official, saw that Marty was failing to get the official’s attention and walked up to his ear and called time out.  The ref granted the TO not knowing who gave it to him.

Officially, only the head coach can request a time out OR a player who is on the field.  Sheldon was a defensive player with his helmet off when he called for it.

As NFL Spokesman Michael Signora states, the Ref made the right call.

“The officiating crew correctly granted the timeout.  When a snap is imminent, game officials are instructed not to turn their attention away from the field to verify who is calling the timeout”

It’s frustrating to say the least, but as I stated earlier, if you want to be angry about the loss, look to Geno’s interception (momentum changed the game as the packers marched 97 yards before halftime for the score), the 7 penalties (and especially the one where 12 men on the field negated a Davis INT).

The Jets lost this game due to diminished focus, Geno mistakes, penalties and YES, the timeout prevented the game from being tied.  Marty, Rex and all the coaches need to be on the same page.

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