Jets OC Marty Mornhinweg Talks about the Timeout

Jets OC Marty Mornhinweg Talks about the Timeout

The Timeout play was probably the most significant gaff the Jets have had since … No I won’t say the play, but you know.  I talked about the TO call in detail here.

Offensive Coordinator, Marty Mornhinweg, was unavailable to explain himself to the media after the game Sunday, but Yahoo sports have reached out this morning and here are some quotes from the Jets’ OC.

Shutdown Corner reached out to Mornhinweg early Monday morning for his account of what happened.

“Due to a formation problem I was trying to get Rex [Ryan]‘s attention for a TO,” Mornhinweg told Shutdown Corner via text message. “[The head coach] is the only coach who should call TO, I know that.”

But the timeout was granted, and Smith’s pretty, would-be 36-yard TD pass to Jeremy Kerley, which would have knotted the score at 31-31 with fewer than five minutes remaining, was wiped out. Mornhinweg said that the Jets should have been able to run the play and said that Smith corrected the formation issue.

“Geno fixed the problem, we were good to go,” Mornhinweg said. “[I] did not get Rex’s attention. Ref called the TO anyway.”

Erik’s Take

It comes down to one thing for me:  Marty has no trust in Geno.  If he did, he would have trusted him to correct the line problem (WHICH HE DID ANYWAY), hence the reason why he backed off calling the TO.

In Marty’s defense, Geno Smith hasn’t really shown he can handle those situations AND remember, this was the last play of the game if the Jets didn’t convert.  It was 4th down.  This is a tough one for me, but it happened and it is what it is… Again, in my other posts, the Jets lost this game for other reasons.

The Timeout From Hell