3 Things the Jets Need to Correct from the Raiders Game

3 Things the Jets Need to Correct from the Raiders Game

The New York Jets are 1-0 coming off from their first win of the season against the Raiders and I should be ecstatic, but I’m not.

I’m not a cup is half empty guy either, but here are some of the things that the Jets MUST correct and correct soon if they want a shot of making a go at the playoffs this year.

Geno Smith Must Play Smarter

Geno Smith threw an interception, lost a fumble at the Raiders’ 4-yard line, and then had another fumble that he recovered.

Yes, Geno Smith was 23 for 28 for 221 yards but I had an issue with a couple of things.  Geno needs to get rid of the ball instead of tucking it in and running OR taking bad sacks and fumbling the ball.  If Geno is going to run, please SLIDE!

It’s a long season, and I know Geno is trying to do too much when protection breaks down, but Geno has to be smart and throw the ball away.


10 carriers is WAY too much for a QB not named Michael Vick, in my opinion.  The turn-overs in the red-zone are killer.  Geno turned the ball over with an INT and gave the Raiders a short field to get on the board.  That will just deflate the team, but as in the past, the team has to rely on it’s strength of the team, the defense.

The Jets Must Stop The Penalities

The Jets had 7 penalties for 50 yards in the first half compared to 0 by the Raiders.  When second half play commenced, the finished the game with 11 penalties for 105 yards.  Many of the penalties were offensive line plays but Eric Decker had a holding call as well.

I get that there will be some miscues, but when you have 11, it just shows me that there is a lack of concentration.  The Jets MUST tighten this up because if they play like this against the 0-1 Packers in their house, the game will be over before it even starts.

The Jets Must Take Advantage of Scoring Opportunities

This sounds like an obvious one, but the Jets would have had more points in this game if they just executed the fundamentals.

  • Smith foolishly took them out of field goal range early in the fourth quarter, when he took a sack for a loss of 19 yards on third-and-3 at Oakland’s 20, after the Jets had first-and-10 at the 27.  The Jets left 3 points on the field.
  • The Jets left 7 points on the field when one of Geno’s five incomplete passes would have been a 27-yard touchdown to Greg Salas, but Salas dropped it in the end zone on the game’s opening drive.
  • Smith fumbled inside the Raiders’ 5-yard line on a run when he took a big hit from Sio Moore while trying to get the ball into the end zone.

This game would have been a “RAT KILL” as Rex Ryan stated if these 3 plays were just executed.  Two of these were Smith’s fault, but he needs to really buckle down and avoid these mistakes if the Jets want to be serious contenders this season.