Dimitri Patterson Must be Cut from the Jets

Dimitri Patterson Must be Cut from the Jets

There is more Dimitri Patterson drama out of the New York Jets camp where the “No-Show” for the Giants game said that accusations of him being AWOL are totally false.  He claims that the Jets knew exactly his reason and where he was, so basically he’s calling out Rex Ryan and John Idzik.

New York Jets cornerback Dimitri Patterson, who was suspended for the remainder of the preseason after allegedly going AWOL last weekend for 48 hours, said Thursday that the team’s allegations are “completely false.”

“As it relates to my whereabouts and me missing for 48 hours without being seen or heard from me or my representative (that) is completely false,” Patterson said in a text to ESPN’s Josina Anderson. “My agent reached out to the Jets organization multiple times several hours prior to Friday night’s game. My commitment to the Jets organization and to my teammates has never been an issue and never will be an issue.

“As it relates to the rumors about my frustration in regards to the depth chart (that) is totally and completely false. In nine years I have never had control over the depth chart.”

Source:  ESPN


Here is why I’m done with the player and why the Jets need to cut this guy as soon as possible.

  • The fact that his teammates called him out and stated that they aren’t sure they can trust him is the icing on the cake for me.  He clearly lost his teammates and the fans (if that matters) are done with the guy as well.
  • The word from the media’s contacts are that he was always known as a diva.  We just got rid of one (Holmes), no reason to tolerate poor behavior with another one.
  • He STILL HASN’T TOLD us why he didn’t show up to the game vs. the Giants?  Ok, so you claim you weren’t missing, so then where were you?  End this now and tell us exactly where you were and why you didn’t show up.  Simple right?  No you are going to continue to dispute the facts that your bosses say you didn’t tell them where you were.
  • You called your bosses liars.  Why would a GM and head coach lie about something silly like this?  You are not that important to the team and were suspect to be a starter the team could count on for the duration of the season.
  • Dimitri, you most likely will be cut from the Jets.  Nice knowing you.