Should Stephen Hill Make the 2014 Jets?

Should Stephen Hill Make the 2014 Jets?

With the end of the 2014 Training Camp upon us, the New York Jets will continue to trim down the roster to 53 for the beginning of the season.  I have seen many debates and predictions of who should stick and who should be cut, and the wide receiver position is one where I have seen the most disparity.

The biggest question mark:  Stephen Hill.  I thought this guy was making the team no matter what, but as we get closer to the opener, I find myself going back and forth.

 StephenHill-Smiling-looking-SideWhy I keep saying he’ll make the team:

  • Bad Surroundings?:  He was a high draft pick in the second round, who was injured his first two seasons.  I typically give a guy a pass if he was injured.  He was in an offense with no weapons, played with a rookie QB and came from an offense in college where passing wasn’t their first option.
  • It Takes 3 Years to develop (sometimes):  I typically think that teams don’t give up on players until the third year.  Make no mistake, if he continues his career path this year, he will be gone, but will he get a chance to sign this year?
  • Dead Money:  Hill’s dead money number will be $933,582 if he’s cut according to  I don’t think they are worried about losing that money as they are well under the cap but I have this feeling that Idzik won’t favor throwing that money away.
  • No One is Challenging:  David Nelson, who many say was his greatest competition for the #2 position, really hasn’t done anything this preseason to separate himself.  Many say Greg Salas is the option over Hill, but Salas is mainly a slot receiver and the Jets are loaded with that role sigh Kerley as the projected starter.

Why I keep thinking we may be cut:

  • Great Potential:  I keep hearing that he “show’s promise” but when will he show it on a consistent level especially when it counts, in the games!  He didn’t drop the ball that much when I reviewed his games last year, but he dropped one in a crucial part of the game.
  • He’s playing in Thursday’s finale:  All the starters sit while the rest of the team plays for roster spots.  He clearly isn’t safe and if he has a horrible game, it good be the end.
  • One Trick Pony:  If Hill played special teams, it MAY have been a positive for him to stay with the team, but look what happened to Jacoby Ford.  He was only known for his special team play with never really showing anything in his career as a receiver and was cut.
  • Great blocker but is that it?  I’ve seen Hill with some great blocks, but let’s be honest, his first role should be to catch the ball.  He needs to be targeted of course, but is his bad route running preventing him getting separation and the targets?  Sure is.

So if I HAD to make the prediction today for Stephen Hill’s fate, I’d say that he makes the team, and by the skin of his teeth.