This Jets Fans Opinion on the #WorldCup

This Jets Fans Opinion on the #WorldCup

The World Cup has come to an end Sunday Night with the Germans taking the cup over Argentina in 1-0 win.  I watched the entire game (my second full watched match ever) and I must say it was interesting but it will never ever fill the void I have right now that is called New York Jets Football.

Some Jets players, fans on my timeline, and some of my relatives were into the world cup this year, and here are some of my opinions on my experience.

I kept my Mind Open

I went into watching the World Cup with an open mind.   I can’t ever remember watching a full match and to be honest, I wasn’t up to speed with the rules.  I figured them out in the middle of the first match I watched (USA vs. Portugal).

Now if you know me, I’m all in with the NFL and the New York Jets.  I’ve basically thrown myself into nothing but the Jets even though I grew up a HUGE New York Mets fan.  The other sports, Basketball, Hockey, Soccer, and Lacrosse….. eh.   I’ve watched the big games, but nothing gets my blood going like a good ole’ football game.

So when I’m watching how intense these Futbol matches can be, I started getting into them.  During the USA vs. Portugal game I found myself getting nervous towards the end of the match (oh by the way, it annoys me that I don’t know EXACTLY when it ends).

I have to admit I was peeved when Portugal tied the game.  I will say that because I didn’t have any emotional currency in the sport, I enjoyed the two hours I was into the game but it wore off fast.  I was back to day dreaming about the Jets chances for 2014.

Flop or Injury?

Flop or Injury in Soccer

FLOP OR INJURY? Argentina’s Lucas Biglia looks like he’s been shot after going down against Belgium in the quarters.

I found it hilarious how dramatic the players make their flops and their injuries seem.  I kept thinking to myself, strap on a helmet with some shoulder pads and that shot that the player from Argentina took from the German goalie in the final would have been no big deal in the NFL.  He took a knee to the upper body, hardly a big deal in the NFL.  Could you imagine if an NFL player carried on like the Soccer players do when they get hit.

There’s No Crying in…. oh Wait.

I’m not comparing the NFL to Futbol by saying one sport is better than the other.  The world watches soccer, and American Football is ruled in the states.  I just found it interesting to see how fans react in soccer when their team loses.  Grown men carrying on in tears is a weird site to me.  I mean, I get pissed when my Jets lose, and I have said that MAYBE I’ll be one of those guys to shed a tear when I finally see my Jets win the Super Bowl, but would I carry on like some of those guys?  No Way.

Soccer fans Crying

A Brazilian soccer fan cries as she watches her team get beat during a live telecast of the semifinals World Cup soccer match between Brazil and Germany, in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Tuesday, July 08, 2014. (AP Photo/Bruno Magalhaes)

Are soccer fans more passionate that NFL fans?  Maybe.   I just can’t fathom that if a team loses, some major injury might happen to the players, refs or fans.  In the extreme cases, DEATH!  At the end of the day, it’s only a game, or is it.  To Jets fans, I’d like to think that is the case, to the teams that lost the World Cup, I’m not so sure.

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