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Geno Smith: “Why Not Us” to make the Superbowl in 2014

Geno Smith:  “Why Not Us” to make the Superbowl in 2014

I don’t think Geno Smith is trying to do his best Joe Namath impersonation, but he stated “Why Not Us” when asked if the 2014 Jets were a Superbowl contender.

The reaction from non-Jets fans (at least on twitter) called for the second year QB to get drug tested with that statement.  Me?  I know he couldn’t say something this bold as a rookie (hey Calvin, class is in session), but Geno is gearing up for a “QB Competition” and with less than a month to go, training camp at Cortland NY is awaiting.

Geno is setting the foundation for the 2014 campaign, and I have NO PROBLEM with his comment.  Go get them Geno.

“I feel good about our team making a Super Bowl run,” Smith said. “We got some really good additions. We are a young team, but we are still growing.”

“I know I have progressed in my second year and I think everybody is progressing pretty well, Smith added. ”You know, why not us?”

Do you have a problem with what Geno Smith said?  If you do, throw it in the comments now and let’s debate.

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