New York Jets Calvin Pryor Taking a Break from Twitter?

New York Jets Calvin Pryor Taking a Break from Twitter?

We have seen this before.  A  New York Jets player who probably said something they shouldn’t have on twitter.  Calvin Pryor joins that list when he tweeted pictures of himself in from of a Ferrari and then later that day in a car holding a load of money.  The rookie put out a tweet that indicates he’s taking a break from Twitter.

In the last episode of the Jets Twit Podcast, my partner Lonny Siegel and I, opened up the show talking about the Rookie Symposium and specifically Calvin Pryor.  Go give it a listen.

Red Flags

Calvin Pryor started his rookie campaign with the Jets with a ton of attitude.  He  is known for being a trash talker and big hitter on the field, and apparently it extends to his social media game.  Some fans thought that criticizing Pryor for his social media game was a overblown, but they are forgetting a critical point:  YOU PLAY IN NEW YORK.

Oh and there’s the fact that when you are on twitter, EVERYONE is watching and EVERYONE will have an opinion.  Talking a big game and showing off your “stuff” has been done before, but Calvin decided to do it before ever taking a snap with the New York Jets.

I’m all for showing off your personality, but how will this come across to the fans, to the media, to your organization and more importantly to your teammates.

I was hoping someone of influence and importance would sit the young rookie down and tell him to cool it for the time being.  By coming out so aggressively, Calvin was painting a huge target on his back to be successful.  Look, the NFL is difficult enough to succeed, why make it thank much harder.

So, do I think Calvin Pryor is a bad person?  NO.  I think he’s a young man who’s excited to get going in the NFL to start his career.  He’s a young man who came into a lot of money (and good for him).  Just take the pressure off yourself by cooling it a bit on social media, and it looks like that’s his plan according to his last tweet.

  • BklynJerry

    Good move by Pryor, keep it low key for a while.