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Jets RB Chris Johnson Tweets Endorsement for Texans WR Andre Johnson

Jets RB Chris Johnson Tweets Endorsement for Texans WR Andre Johnson

We have seen this before.  A  New York Jets player tweeting for their team to bring in a player.  Antonio Cromartie was king in this department.

Running back Chris Johnson put out a simple tweet for his new team to bring in unhappy WR Andre Johnson.

The seven-time Pro Bowler, Andre Johnson, said two weeks ago that he did not plan on attending OTAs or the Texans’ mandatory minicamp in June.  He stayed true to his word.  Andre made it clear to the team that he was unhappy prior to speaking publicly about it.

What exactly Johnson wants changed isn’t clear. When he spoke two weeks ago at a charity event, Johnson said he wondered if Houston was the right place for him but added that he hadn’t requested a trade or spoken to anyone about his contract.

Why Andre Johnson to the Jets will NEVER happen!

  • Revis Part II.  Idzik just cleared the air with a highly talented but selfish player who held out multiple times.  Andre Johnson reminds me of Revis.
  • Crowded Wide Receiving Corp.  I know that this sounds a bit foolish as Andre Johnson would be your #1 legitimate receiver and upgrade the position 10 fold, but I think John Idzik has a plan and is sticking to it.
  • Gone are the days that the Jets make big splashes…. for now.