Rookie Calvin Pryor Tweets about Fake Friends

Rookie Calvin Pryor Tweets about Fake Friends

New York Jets Number one draft pick, rookie Calvin Pryor, is a frequent tweeter.  He also likes to really get his point across with multiple tweets about a topic.  In this latest series of tweets, Calvin is learning about one of the major pitfalls of being a young man who is making a ton of money.

Apparently Pryor is learning who is real friends are, and who the fakes are and he explains that in his tweets.

It’s Smart to Hold on To that Money

Just two years after their athletic careers end, 78% of former NFL players are bankrupt or nearly there, according to an analysis by Sports Illustrated.

  • Everyone you ever met is coming for a handout.
  • You find out you didn’t even have certain cousins and relatives until you make it big.
  • Everyone wants you to invest their money with them.
  • Your phone rings off the hook and in the world of social media now, (it buzzes off the hook if you have notifications turned on).

In this CNN Money report, they warn rookies about the so called “friends”:

Friends come to you with ‘ideas’

One of the biggest challenges young players face is dealing with friends and family who want a piece of the action.

“Friends think you must have millions of dollars, but you really don’t have that unless you’re a first round pick. And there’s no guarantee you’ll be in the league more than a year or two,” says Chris Kluwe, who played eight seasons as a punter for the Minnesota Vikings from 2005 to 2012.

Players are frequently approached to invest in ventures ranging from barber shops to coffee plantations in Brazil.

“Family members have these great ideas and business deals. It just comes out of the woodwork,” George says. “I don’t like to shoot down dreams, but you have to be stern and wise and be able to say no.”

Even financial advisers can be suspect.

Calvin Pryor’s Tweets

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  • Spike_D

    Good for him … you shouldn’t forget where you come from, but you can’t let it rule you or define you.