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Rookie Fight! Pryor Calls out Ebron on Twitter #Jets

Rookie Fight!  Pryor Calls out Ebron on Twitter #Jets

The  New York Jets 1st round draft, Calvin Pryor, is known as a big hitter and a big talker on the field.  Tonight we learned that he’s a big talker on twitter.  His target:  Fellow rookie Eric Ebron.

With a quick exchange on twitter, both rookies deleted their tweets to each other, but I was able to at least capture Calvin’s tweets to Eric.

My take?  I’m loving this!  Can’t wait to see Calvin deliver in week 4!  BOOOOOOOM!

Screenshot 2014-05-20 22.51.26
  • Dean Barbella

    Lovin’ It!

    • http://www.jetstwit.com/ Erik Manassy

      yeah, what’s not to like at this point. He better produce on the field though….