Jets’ Rookie Trevor Reilly is a Real Character

Jets’ Rookie Trevor Reilly is a Real Character

The  New York Jets held their first day of rookie mini-camp on Friday, and it sounds like LB Trevor Reilly is going to be a real character.

What did I learn about him today?  He lost his ring so many times, he decided to get a tattoo on his ring finger.  He was in the Guinness Book World of Records for eating an onion.  Finally, he cut into Rex’s talk about being in his college’s hall of fame.

I also learned he is 26 years old and has two kids.

Can’t wait to see what the future holds.


Rex Ryan On LB Trevor Reilly from Friday, May 16th:
Well, I think the first thing when you look at him, people are going to focus on his age because obviously that’s unusual (to) get a guy that basically was on a three-year mission (and) has two children. With that, he’s a mature guy. As he told us all today, he was an All-American, honorable mention. So he slipped that one in there (joking).

Because I asked all the guys, I said, ‘You know, you guys are all pretty good players. Every one of you. But, (are) any of you in your college’s Hall of Fame? So we all know where I was going with that one, right? Well I happen to be in mine, let me tell you what it’s like (joking).’ But then this kid’s like, excuse me – this young man – goes, “Yeah coach, I am.” I’m like, how can you be in your Hall of Fame? There’s no way.” I think he’s on the Wall of Fame (joking). I said, “Did you give a speech for it?” He goes, “No.” I said, “You’re not in then.” He ruined my story (joking). Anyway, other than that I’ve been impressed with him.

He’s a smart guy, we knew it. He plays hard. He’s kind of got like Garrett McIntyre (in him). (He’s) just a tough guy and just loves to play. (He’s) physical and really fit that profile that we’re looking for. And he played multiple positions.

They played him out in space, they can use him as a rusher, different things. So that’s why we were excited to get him. Today (we) had to get on him because he went and I guess tagged a guy off a little bit too hard for our liking. That’s part of it, too. These guy’s (are) learning how to practice like a pro. When you come back in here, you’re not going to make the team by going out and making a tackle today.

You’ve got to take care of each other and learn to take care of your teammates. Way more than half the practices in the NFL are without shoulder pads, so you have to change it up a little bit and take care of your teammates. So, that’s part of it.