My Thoughts on the Jets Releasing Mark Sanchez

My Thoughts on the Jets Releasing Mark Sanchez

The New York Jets have pulled the trigger and released QB Mark Sanchez.  Minutes later, the team announced that it had signed Michael Vick for a one year deal.  Then #JetsTwitter erupted.

There were reactions from fans in jubilation that the Mark Sanchez experiment was over, fans wishing him well and some that were sad to see him go.  Flip the coin, and there was quite a different reaction with Vick.  The dog killer theme came in strong but many were glad to see that the Jets have true competition for Geno.

Oh yes, and I did see many fans tweet that they are no longer Jets fans.

Many Jets fans were asking me what I specifically thought of Mark being released and as you know, it’s hard to have a long conversation on twitter so here it is:

The End of the Sanchize

Mark started his Jet career off looking very promising with two back to back AFC Championship games, but then the drama and the reputation that he was soft took over.  Mark was good at managing the games, but when his turnovers started to dominate his game, he lost his confidence and that’s dangerous when you play QB in New York.

I never considered Mark Sanchez a “Franchise” quarterback despite fans calling him the “Sanchise”.  I think Mark was thrust into the spotlight before he was ready and was put under a tremendous amount of pressure to be the savior.  Many fans will say that the Jets did well in 09′ and 10′ despite Mark’s play, but come on, you don’t have the most playoff wins in Jets history because you were just “OK”.

Luck does play a lot into success with who your teammates are for one, but Mark had made some big plays and won some big games for this franchise.  He also has the worst play in recent NFL history with the “Butt Fumble” but let’s thank ESPN for playing that every day for a year.

NY took it's toll on Mark Sanchez

NY took it’s toll on Mark Sanchez

I’m not making any excused for Mark though.  He had the opportunity to turn his game around but failed to do so for whatever reason you believe:  He’s sensitive, he had no confidence, Tebow derailed him, the Jets didn’t support him or he just plain sucked.

I won’t say that Sanchez is the worst QB to ever play the position for the Jets but many fans will demonize him because he was part of a circus and at the end of the era, he just left many with a bad taste in their mouth.

Sanchez will move on and will reset his career.  Maybe he can salvage his confidence and reach a level of success he was supposed to achieve with the Jets.  The question is, will a team give a chance to be a starter again, or will he finish his career as a back up floating around the league?

Am I a Happy Camper?

Am I happy that the Jets released Sanchez?  I think it had to be done and I already prepared myself months ago and moved on.  I’m not upset or pleased that he left, and I’m not jubilant that the Jets replaced Sanchez with Vick.  I make my thoughts known about Vick in this post so I won’t rehash them here, but I still want to see Geno win the job and succeed.

If Michael Vick wins the job outright, then we will have bigger problems in the future as that would have proven a misfire on Geno.  Deep down, I believe the Jets brass want Geno Smith to start and play the entire 14′ campaign.  Signing Michael Vick was an insurance policy.  Releasing Mark Sanchez was the only move the Jets could do with #6.

I wish Mark well and hope he turns his career around.  I put my support and hopes that Geno Smith will continue to take the next step and be the future.  I hope we don’t get to see Michael Vick in action, but if we do, I’m glad someone of his caliber can pick up the reigns if called upon.

What are your feelings on this big story?

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