Michael Vick to Visit the #Jets, Will Fans Really Quit the Team as Fans?

Michael Vick to Visit the #Jets, Will Fans Really Quit the Team as Fans?

The latest rumors on the  New York Jets front have QB Michael Vick visiting with the team this weekend.  This particular rumor has been floating around for a little over a month, but with free agency in full swing and Mark Sanchez’s days as a Jet appear to be over, gang green will need to stock up on the quarterback position.

Are the Jets bringing in Vick to compete with Geno Smith for the starting job?  Would he strictly be signed as a backup?

I have made it no secret that I’m not a fan of bringing in Mr. Vick to the Jets.  It has more to do with where Michael is in his career and what he can bring to the team on the field and less to do with his history off the field.

  • Vick, who turns 34 in June, played only seven games last season.
  • Vick is considered the best FA QB still left but hasn’t drawn any interest from other teams.
  • In 2013, Mike Vick was named the most disliked NFL player with a percentage of 53%   Those who identify as big NFL fans like him, but much of the wider audience still knows him as the dog-fighting guy.

Mike Vick to JetsCompetition?  Please.

I keep hearing from fans and the media that Vick would “push” Smith and that there would be a true competition.  Let’s not kid ourselves.  I’m not buying it at all.  You know deep down that the Jets brass want Smith to be the guy.  They are hoping that the threat of losing his job would keep Smith on his toes, but unless Smith lays an absolute egg, he’s your 2014 starter.

If the Jets brass are selling to Michael Vick this weekend that he has a legitimate chance to start, someone in his camp needs to pull him aside and tell him he’s going to be a backup for the rest of his career.  Unless an injury or a epic fail happens to the number one guy, regardless of where Vick may go, Michael has seen his last days as a legitimate full 16 game starter.

Vick may have the respect from the league, he may be able to perform well as a starter, but the Jets want to build upon what they have started with Geno Smith’s career.  If Vick is signed, and somehow ends up starting the season, something would have derailed Geno’s career and unless he gets injured in a Sanchez preseason fashion, he’ll get the opportunity to give it another go in 2014.

I’m Calling Bluff

I’m hearing a ton of fans will give up on the team and leave the Jets as a fan if Michael Vick joins the team.  I call BS.  I think what you may read and see is a continuation of Jets fans on twitter freaking out over the decisions or lack of moves by John Idzik so far.

I have stated I prefer a Vick-less Jets team, but leave as a fan?   Come on.  Let’s get real.  If you do happen to leave, please tweet me a picture of yourselves with your new Jerseys on.

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  • JBS

    I cannot be a Jets fan if they hire a puppy killer. Until he is gone, I will divest myself of any NFL affiliation and go straight from MLB to NBA and NHL as the seasons turn.

    • sb3champs

      read what I wrote. I said you’d jump on the bandwagon IF he led us to the big game. I happen to believe GENO will be our QB for the future. So do not laugh too hard. I expect that when the season starts if you are a Jets fan you will be excited no matter who we sign to be our QB. We all hate the crimes he committed. He also did his time. I am not a forgiving person but if he is a JET I will hope GENO beats him out and we do not have to watch him perform. If he does, I always want the JETS to do well. I think that if you look hard enough another QB we have had problems in college with a rape allegation. Did you stop watching the Jets or did you make excuses for that QB.

      • JK

        Couldn’t agree more. He was also well liked by his teammates and the eagles organization. Give the guy a chance. Even all the analyst say a healthy Vick will probably win the job and should win lots of games. If Vick wins a couple of games all the haters will be back will jump back on the bandwagon.

        • sb3champs

          Thank you JK. I am sick of these guys with a knee jerk reaction. Maybe we are better off without them here or in the stadium. I think the attitude of some fans is reprehensible. I will be glad to see them become Rai….DUH fans!

    • Dutchwhiskey

      I agree. I will be routing against the Jets until Vick is gone.

      • http://www.jetstwit.com/ Erik Manassy

        Routing against or just leaving?

  • sb3champs

    I will always be a Jets fan. Vick is not the best answer to be a backup or even compete for the starters job. Id like RYAN FITZPATRICK to be signed. he is a career backup with tons of experience and brains. Much as I hate what VICK was convicted of he has served his time. America is a country where forgiveness is the norm. What would a Jets fan accomplish by not watching THEIR team play because they signed him? Go to the stadium and boo. That would be the correct way to handle things. However I guarantee that if VICK somehow were to unseat Geno and bring us to the SUPER BOWL , very, very few Jets fans will boo or boycott him.

    • JBS

      Vick? Super Bowl? You’re funny.

  • Ben Blankenship

    If vick turned water into wine,he would still be a repulsive dog torturer and killer, not fit for anything but prison. jets fans wil come around? I doubt it.