John Idzik Moves at his Own Pace – Good or Bad?

John Idzik Moves at his Own Pace – Good or Bad?

Defensive backs have been a hot commodity so far in the first week in the NFL Free Agency.   The New York Jets have gaping holes at corner back and at the safety position so it obvious that the Jets were going to be “aggressive” and get Rex those players that his defense relies on in the scheme he plays.  Wrong.

If you have been hanging around twitter and happen to be watching reactions to John Idzik’s decisions thus far, you would see 80% of those fans on the ledge about to jump off.  Fans were accustomed to aggressive moves by Mike Tannanenbaum who was the type of GM that set the market.  John Idzik’s style is more of the nature where he expects the market to come to him, and he will wait patiently.

According to reports from the NYDN, personnel at the Jets facility are frustrated due to the “glacial” speed John moves at all aspects of Free Agency.  I have read that players’ agents are frustrated by the speed Idzik moves as well as saying that he’s interested in a player but then his actions say otherwise.

This is Idzik’s first gig as an NFL General Manager so although he was a capaologist with the Seahawks,  this is his first year as the man in charge and people haven’t seen him in action as the guy yet.  With some major money to spend as the Jets are under the cap, fans are expecting a spending spree.  Some teams have signed anywhere from 8-11 new players.  The Jets have signed two from other teams, and mostly have resigned their own free agents.

I had put out a tweet that gained traction a couple of days ago that said “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”.  My reference was that the Jets have always been known to make a big splash in Free Agency, and this is a major change from what the league and fans are used to seeing from Gang Green.

I am the type of guy that will sit back, not panic, and see how this new plan pans out.  I’m a little nervous that we haven’t addressed the secondary issues but John Idzik has said before that his philosophy is building a team with the draft.  So far, he is a man of his word.

He clearly won’t overpay for players, he’s taking his time with the offers he has put on the table and players are choosing to go else where.  Only time will tell if Idzik’s strategy will work, but I will say this:  It is only March.  There is a ton of time to build up this team.

You can’t panic just yet, to do so will just get your blood pressure up and make you want to burn your jersey.  Oh wait, that’s right…. Darrelle Revis has signed with the New England Patriots, so chances are that anything Revis in your house is either in ashes in your lawn, in a toilet as a clean rag, or at the bottom of your garbage pails.  By the way, Revis signing with the Pats is such a kick in the teeth to Jets fans.  I don’t need to tell you that the feeling you have when you first read about him jumping ship is a normal reaction.  He’ll go down in history as the biggest villain and trader in Jets History.

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  • sb3champs

    Impatient fans may disagree, but it’s still early for Idzik, Jets

    By Steve Serby

    March 18, 2014 | 3:42am

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    John Idzik and Rex RyanPhoto: Anthony Causi



    All the Knicks ask of Jackson is to rescue a cursed franchise

    For Masiello, it’s time for the ultimate test — vs. his old teacher

    Crown eludes Creighton, Doug McDermott

    Jets, Giants losing offseason battles to rivals

    Giant memories will live on as Tuck heads west

    John Idzik has a plan, you know he does. Except so far that plan has involved mostly sitting on his hands, on a boatload of cash, rousted from a sleep at the free-agent switch only to sign Eric Decker and Breno Giacomini.

    It doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a clue, it doesn’t mean he isn’t laying in the weeds getting ready to pounce, it doesn’t mean he isn’t trying to win this year — even if Rex Ryan needs to win this year a helluva lot more than the GM who inherited him does.

    But on a day when the Giants signed cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (5 years, $39 million), a player who visited the Jets over the weekend and would have started opposite Dee Milliner, and then dynamic kick returner Trindon Holliday, the natives have now grown increasingly restless inside Jets Nation, and some of them are mad as hell and can’t take it anymore (but they will, because they always do).

    When your team hasn’t won a Super Bowl in 45 years, a drought four years longer than Knicks fans have endured, there might understandably be a longing for evidence Idzik is the kind of strategic genius capable of closing the gap on Bill Belichick and the Patriots.

    It is difficult to sit and urge Jets fans to chill because I don’t walk in their shoes — I can only imagine their pain.

    And I know they aren’t in any mood to be reminded Idzik regards the draft as the true lifeblood, that free agency isn’t over, that the jury is very much out on this offseason.

    Because here’s the problem:

    Darrelle Revis signed with the Patriots.

    The GM over in East Rutherford, Jerry Reese, has signed a slew of players with far less dough in his coffers.

    Never mind that shunning Revis, who may be a $12 million man in 2014 but is holding firm he still deserves to be a $16 million man after this season, was the right move. Idzik and Woody Johnson could not afford to pay any cornerback $12 million, not with all the other holes that need to be filled. Tom Brady’s championship window is closing. There is no window at the Atlantic Health Jets Training Center.

    Still, March Madness to impatient Jets fans means Idzik doing next to nothing to fill those holes.

    Adding insult to injury is the parade of new Giants Reese has brought to Tom Coughlin: guard Geoff Schwartz, center J. D. Walton, linebacker Jameel McClain, cornerback Walter Thurmond III, safety/kick returner Quintin Demps, Rodgers-Cromartie and Holliday. In addition to re-signing linebacker Jon Beason, safety Stevie Brown and kicker Josh Brown.

    Try telling Jets fans that oftentimes these big-name free agents don’t work out, after the Eagles captured Darren Sproles in a trade for a fifth-round pick.

    Idzik’s best move to date was ridding the oppressive contract and personality of Santonio Holmes.

    He still needs to find a No. 1 receiver, two corners, a safety, a guard, a tight end and a backup quarterback, presuming he gives Mark Sanchez the change of scenery he may not realize he needs.

    Idzik, even without whacking Sanchez, has $27.9 million in cap space.

    Reese, after lowballing Justin Tuck and letting Hakeem Nicks and Linval Joseph go, has $8.6 million in cap space.

    The Dolphins, meanwhile, have fortified their loaded defensive line and upgraded their secondary, and while the Bills will miss S Jairus Byrd, deemed too expensive ($9 million), they added a starting LG (Chris Williams), MLB (Brandon Spikes), elite special teamer (Corey Graham), a big back (Anthony Dixon) and re-signed TE Scott Chandler and K Dan Carpenter.

    Of course, Idzik also re-signed his kicker, Nick Folk, and his TE, Jeff Cumberland. Oh, and OLB Calvin Pace.

    It’s only the middle of March. Only to Jets fans, right now it feels like April 1.

    • barry smith

      ALL OF THE GOOD PLAYERS ARE NOW OFF THE BOARD .IDZIK better sign VICK ! $40 mill in capspace , and all you have is ERIC DECKER … how are you gonna score point’s ?

      • sb3champs

        What time is the game on Sunday? Oops! We have until September! We have 12 draft picks coming and the secondary market too. During camp many good players are cut due to rookies taking their spots. With the money we have we will get some bargains. You are also forgetting that we have been resigning our own players. Colon, Pace, Folk, and have several rookies on our PS that might step up to the next level.

  • sb3champs

    we just got out of cap hell. Now some impatient SOJF want to act like spoiled kids and go right back into it! What time does the game start on Sunday? Idzik has lots of time to work the FA market and draft. Games start in September! I was on a facebook site the other night and was disgusted when I left. The SOJF were calling for IDZIK to be fired for setting up REX to be fired. They hated GENO and MILLINER and felt they were busts. Fans like this want instant gratification! I suggest that they should lock themselves in a bathroom!

    • Erik Manassy

      Yeah I agree… Total overreaction. Take a deep breath, it’s a long season. That’s my advice to the SOJF.