Now This is a Jets Family in San Diego

Now This is a Jets Family in San Diego

Yesterday we saw a tweet and in Instagram from Mark Sanchez of some kind of conference material.  I didn’t really know what it was about until I saw the tweet from Antonio Cromartie’s wife.  There was a picture of many Jets players sitting down at a very nice spread.

After some digging, the Jets players and others are at the PAO conference (Pro Athletes Conference).

The Pro Athletes Outreach

Whether you’re a rookie, a seasoned veteran, or NFL retired, there are people in our NFL family who have walked before you and know the joys and struggles of your journey.


Pro Athletes Outreach has opportunities for you to deepen your faith, strengthen your relationships, and maximize your platform beyond our NFL Conferences.  We have opportunities within Pro Athletes Outreach and our Coaches Time Out Ministry as well as partnerships around the world.

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Good morning San Diego!!!! Ready for day 2 of PAO (pro athletes outreach). To all my NFL ladies, you have got to come here with your guy!!! It’s a conference specially designed for athletes and their significant other to come do workshops and listen to speakers. The material covered range from finances, relationships, life after football, etc. and the best part is that it’s all faith based!!!

Oh and let me not forget that it’s being held at this amazing resort that’s has been reserved just for us so their aren’t any outside distractions! It’s just a great time to fellowship and strengthen your walk with Christ along with other Christian couples that are going through the same experiences. #PAO #NFL #Christian