Episode 201: Jets QB Need – Backup or Starter?

Episode 201:  Jets QB Need – Backup or Starter?

The Jets Twit Podcast, episode 201:  Jets QB Need – Backup or Starter? was recorded on Thursday, February 27, 2014.   (60:49)

Erik Manassy and Lonnie Siegel bring you the latest Jets news.  Follow Erik on Twitter at @e_man and Lonnie @jetszoneradio.

Michael Vick as a Backup?

Erik and Lonnie discuss why / why not the Jets should hire the services of Michael Vick.

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Other Topics Discussed:

  • Johnny Manziel and his draft status
  • Free Agent Wide Receivers on the Market
  • The NFL Combine and the prospects the Jets could target
  • Darrelle Revis could be on the trading block
  • Bart Scott goes to CBS

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Lonnie’s Man Crush with Jimmy Graham