This Jets Fan Says NO to Michael Vick

This Jets Fan Says NO to Michael Vick

There has been a lot of talk linking Michael Vick to the New York Jets, but this Jets fan (me) is not sold.  There have been many other quarterbacks linked to the Jets I’m not really a fan of any of them.

I think putting money aside, (and I know this won’t be popular with most Jets fans), I would rather see Mark Sanchez stay than bring in Michael Vick.

Vick may win the job and be the better quarterback, but for a long term solution this makes no sense.  I’m yet to feel that Vick can last a full season as well without getting hurt and missing significant time.  Injuries always have plagued his career due to his style of play.

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Pros to Bringing in Michael Vick to the Jets

  • Jets offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg is Vick’s former offensive coordinator with the Eagles.
  • According to sources, the understanding is that there is “mutual respect” between the two men.
  • The Jets are looking for someone to REALLY push Geno Smith in the quarterback competition.
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Cons to Bringing in Michael Vick to the Jets

  • This is the New York market, the biggest market in the world.  Can Mike Vick handle the “circus”?  I personally think people are still going to compare how the Jets handled Tim Tebow but that was a completely different kind of circus.
  • What if Michael Vick actually is better than Geno Smith?  Does it hurt Smith for his quest to be the future QB for the Jets?
  • Michael Vick is NOT the long term solution.  The Jets may want him only to help Geno Smith become a better pro, and Vick still wants to be a starter in the league.
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Rich Cimini ALMOST made me change my Mind

It’s 1998, and the New York Jets have a young quarterback they like a lot but aren’t willing to marry. They’re intrigued by a mid-30s free agent, a former No. 1 overall pick who lost his starting job the previous year with his second franchise. They decide to sign him, ostensibly as the backup, thinking he still has enough left if he has to play.

That’s how the Jets landed Vinny Testaverde, who was 35 when he replaced Glenn Foley after a few games and led them to the AFC Championship Game. It was one of their smartest personnel moves ever.

  • sb3champs

    Sanchez as our backup is dynamite! It will blow the team apart. He would divide the clubhouse and a team divided does not win. Geno with less experience and weapons won more games then Sanchez did the prior year. Why are we even thinking about this? Sanchez needs to go elsewhere. We need to bring in a real QB and let him compete with geno in camp. Let the best man win! But lets not divide the team and fragment it!