Who is it Going to Be: Vick, McCown, Schaub, Sanchez?

Who is it Going to Be:  Vick, McCown, Schaub, Sanchez?

Michael Vick.  Josh McCown.  Mark Sanchez.  Matt Schaub.  The names that are heating up surrounding the backup QB position for the New York Jets.

All four veteran quarterbacks are rumored to play behind Geno Smith.

Who poses the best option to help Smith to back him up for the 2014 campaign, or possibly overtake Geno to be the starter?  Do the Jets draft an option as well?

Michael Vick to the Jets

Rumors:  The Jets Quarterback Position

The New York Daily news recently came out and said the Jets could be interested in McCown with little interest in Vick.

Matt Schaub to the Jets?There is also a rumor that the Houston Texans’ Matt Schaub, who is expected to be released, would be a quality option, but sources told the NYDN that he isn’t interested in being Smith’s backup.

Ian Rapoport came out Monday afternoon and said that the Jets are very much interested in Michael Vick.

Jets to keep Mark Sanchez?Metro New York wrote a story that it’s possible that Sanchez poses as the teams best option amongst all the candidates in the free agent market, but Kristian R. Dyer says it’s “highly unlikely”.

The team met with Sanchez’s representation on Friday and stated that they want to see how the shoulder is progressing.   There is also the little matter of a bonus due to Mark coming up in early March, probably the reason why all this QB talk is heating up.