Is there a Chance the Jets Keep Mark Sanchez?

Is there a Chance the Jets Keep Mark Sanchez?

New York Jets News and Rumors:  According to sources from the NFL Combine in Indianapolis Friday, the Jets are said to have met with Mark Sanchez’s representatives.  Translation:  I assume they met with his brother Nick Sanchez.

What exactly is anyone’s guess but let’s assume it’s about the future with the team, a pay cut, being the number two, or leaving the team.

Per Rich Cimini from ESPN, The New York Jets and quarterback Mark Sanchez’s representatives met Friday at the NFL scouting combine to discuss the quarterback’s future with the team. While nothing was resolved in what was termed a preliminary discussion, the two sides agreed to maintain open lines of communication.

Here is some more Mark Sanchez News: 

Mark Sanchez’s Latest Picture and the status of his hair.  It appears he’s staying with the slicked back look.  At least I can’t see a hair band.  Ok I joke that this is Mark Sanchez News.

Does Rex Ryan want Sanchez back?

 rex-ryan-jetsjpg-ccca479c8722c126“Let’s just let it play out, I always want guys back … (Would) I want him back? Absolutely. Would I want all my guys back? You guys know my answer. You know how I feel about my players. That’s just the way it is.”

Erik Manassy’s Take:  So take that with a grain of salt!  That’s what I call a PC answer.  That doesn’t tell me a thing, but it was the right thing to say for keeping the media off Ryan’s back.

Do I thing the Jets want him back?  Probably not unless they get an enormous deal with his salary, but let’s just say that both sides probably need a fresh start and should move on.  So what do YOU think of this Mark Sanchez news?

Mark Sanchez NewsThe Facts

  • Sources say that Sanchez has been throwing this week with some good velocity.
  • The Jets owe Sanchez a $2 million roster bonus .
  • With a $9 million base salary, and a $13.1 million cap charge, Sanchez would have to take a significant pay cut to remain on the team.
  • There have been rumors that the Jets are interested in bringing in a veteran QB like Michael Vick.
  • sb3champs

    Just say NO to Sanchez. The QB with NO pocket awareness and a nose for throwing ints to DEs, should be allowed to leave and start over. I am afraid that his presence on the team will cause factions to develop and thus ruin team unity. Most players seemed to rally behind GENO. I am sure some will be loyal to Mark. That means lockerroom trouble. JUST SAY NO TO SANCHEZ! The team is too young and vulnerable to overcome locker room dissnention.

  • NJJetFan

    Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith have never shown me anything other then being the consummate professionals they are. All the baloney about distraction, locker room division and ruining team unity goes right out the window for me.. IMO Sanchez is better then any of the vet FAs that are out there. He knows the system and could provide the competition we need to push Geno. Of course this is all predicated on Mark taking a serious pay cut.

    • Erik Manassy

      I don’t know where this locker room split is coming from either.. .There is no way there would be a split. I know fans are ready to move on, but I tend to agree, who ELSE is going to be a better backup? In fact, I think Sanchez can beat out Geno (again) but there is a “source” inside the facility that says Idzik wants his guy to succeed.

      • sb3champs

        He barely beat out a hurt rookie QB last year. Until Geno was injured they were virtually tied in camp. The tie goes to the rookie. The next receiver Sanchez hits in stride will be his first! You want to forget how poorly Sanchez played his last two years as a starter. I disagree with you about a split locker room. Its only human nature that some guys will want Sanchez and others will want Geno.

        It is too bad Sanchez was injured last preseason. if he was our starter with that miserable, lack of offensive talent team, we would probably have the first or second pick in the upcoming draft!

        Just say NO to Sanchez on the Jets. Of course we could be called the JEST with him as our starter!

  • Frank Roberto

    Geno must be dumped.
    Vick would be better,..
    Sanchez would be best.

    • sb3champs

      We are talking about the NFL and not the Arena League. Sanchez would be perfect there.