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The Jets Twit Podcast Hits 200 Episodes!

The Jets Twit Podcast Hits 200 Episodes!

The Jets Twit PODCAST has hit a huge milestone today:  200 episodes!  It may not be the longest running Jets podcast out there, but it’s close!  Started in 2010 as an add on to this blog (, which was started 2009, I never thought the podcast would take off and have the success that it has.

I personally want to thank every Jets Fan who has ever given it a listen!  I also want to thank everyone over seas.  I have found out I have a strong following in Europe and I think that is quiet something!

The podcast has changed formats over the years with different hosts, but it had one constant:  ME.  Starting in 2014, we changed from a 20 minute podcast to a full hour and have introduced Lonnie Siegel from the Jets Zone Radio.  With Lonnie added to the show, I feel there is a new exciting dynamic that makes the show even better.

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