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No Love for New Jersey on the Super Bowl Program?

No Love for New Jersey on the Super Bowl Program?

The official program for the Super bowl to be held for the first time in NJ has made it on to twitter.

Take a close look. What, no love for New Jersey? I know the stadium is home to the NEW YORK JETS and that other team, but not a mention of NJ.

I’m partial to this because yes, I was born and raised in NJ until I moved to PA after college.  Still proud of my roots, so why can’t NJ get some coverage on the cover.  And no I wasn’t expecting a picture of the swamp near our tailgate spot, L7.

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  • sb3champs

    a lot to do about nothing. The brochure clearly says New York New Jersey. Maybe the could put a picture of traffic on RT 22.

    • http://www.jetstwit.com/ Erik Manassy

      It was a tongue in cheek kind of post.