Rex is back BUT…..

Rex is back BUT…..

When Adam Shefter first reported that it looked like the Jets were going to bring back Rex Ryan but there were “things to iron out”, it seems that Ian Rapoport has a good handle on the complications concerning a happy return.

Remove Your Guys Rex

First, GM John Idzik is going to want Rex to make changes on the defensive side of the ball concerning coaches.  Hmmmm.  That’s interesting considering that the Defense is Rex’s expertise.  One thing to keep in mind is that Rex is also very loyal when it comes to “his guys (coaches)” not just his players.  It appears that John is pulling the rug from under Rex or removing his “blanket”.  Talk about a comfort zone evaporating.

Rextension?  I don’t think so

The second issue is that Rex is seeking a contract extension.  Rex is owed about 3.5 Million left on his existing contract, but would like an extension heading into 2014.  I spoke about what I would do if I were Idzik on my podcast this morning actually.  You can listen to that here.