Post 2013 Season: The Jets Twit State of Mind

Post 2013 Season:  The Jets Twit State of Mind

The season is officially over and the Jets have finished 8-8. They have completely exceeded my expectations. I had them slated to win 6-10 games with my pre-season prediction, and at the time looked like I was being very generous.  Let’s face the facts:  The Jets had a lame duck coach in Rex Ryan,  a rookie QB in Geno Smith with no offensive rookies and we just traded away our franchise, Darrelle Revis.

No one knew Sheldon Richardson was going to be this good and Dee Milliner would take some time to develop, or that Geno Smith had a ton of maturing on the field to do, but the bottom line is that with our youngsters, it’s all fallen into place.

Next Year is a do or die for Rex Ryan as the Jets must not only go to the playoffs but go far and win it all.  Those are my expectations.

We ended the Season with the Best Sceneario (Considering we were out of the playoffs)

  • Rex Ryan gets to stay as head coach.
  • We finally win two games in a row.
  • We defeat and KNOCK OUT our hated division rivals the Miami Dolphins from the playoffs.
  • There was major improvement from Dee Milliner and Geno Smith.  A major sigh of relief considering they will be corner stones for years to come (Hopefully).
  • We finished 2nd in the division with an 8-8 record.  Not bad for a team who was only supposed to win 2 games.

Fridge 2.0, Sheldon Richardson

On my Mind as we head into the Offseason

  • Do we extend Rex’s contract or allow him to play out his current one.  (We can always give him an extension during next season depending on how we start).
  • Keep Rex out of the draft room and allow Idzik to work his magic to bring in OFFENSE.
  • Cut the dead weight.  Goodbye Mark Sanchez, Santonio Holmes and Antonio Cromarite.  Maybe Cro comes back at a reduced salary, but I think we need to move on from the others.
  • Sheldon Richardson better win the Defensive Rookie of the Year.
  • We have the 18th pick in the 2014 draft.  Do we move up to get the best WR?