Snubbed! Why I think the Jets were shut out for the Pro Bowl

Snubbed!  Why I think the Jets were shut out for the Pro Bowl

I’m starting to think that any all-star game in major sports is only a popularity contest (Actually I believed this from some time now).  I know it sounds like I’m sore about no Jet getting into the 2013 Pro Bowl, but it’s not so much that our Jets didn’t get in but instead the other teams or players that don’t even measure up to our guys’ stats.

Mo Wilkerson and Nick Folk deserved and were absolutely snubbed to not be chosen this year, that’s a fact.  I wonder if they were snubbed because of the green they wear.  Things that flow through my mind about this is, were they looked over because:

  • The Jets were out of the playoffs.  Cameron Wake of the Dolphins had lower numbers in sacks, tackles and INT yet he was chosen over Wilkerson.  Is it because the Dolphins can still make the tournament?  I want the Jets to ruin that parade this Sunday now more than ever!

  • Was it because of the media bias?  The Jets were overplayed, over-covered, and fatigue set in for the rest of the NFL fans.  Look, other teams fans know when other teams’ guys do well and yes they vote for them.  I put JJ Watt into the Pro Bowl this year.  Were people just sick of the Jets and did our guys fall victim to fatigue?  If so that’s a shame.
  • The Cleveland Browns had 5 guys get elected this year.  5!  The Jets were 7-8 when the voting came out, the browns were 4-11.  Normally the teams that are dominating are because the players are dominating and getting them wins.  This one baffles me.  The Jets exceeded expectiations and have one of the best D-Line that Wilkerson leads!
  •  Cromartie selected as a 2nd alternate.  Are we all watching the same games here?  Cromartie is ranked 104th out of 110 corners by Pro Football Focus. He was ranked 16th using the same metrics in 2012.  What am I missing here?

Of these teams that had no players go, the Jets had the best record.  The Bills, Browns, Texans, Raiders, Redskins, Bucs, , Vikings, had lower records than the Jets and sent players.  Did I mention that the Browns sent 5?!?

  • Sandi Rhodes

    The Browns have 5???????? lol I don’t think the Bucs had won a game when voting started did they??