Twitter Reaction to No Jets Named to Pro Bowl

Twitter Reaction to No Jets Named to Pro Bowl

The roster is set for the Pro Bowl’s first-ever draft, as the NFL has announced which players will be making the trip to Hawaii. The biggest surprise, Mo Wilkerson and Nick Folk weren’t even close to making the cut.

There was a ton of reaction on twitter, but here are the one’s I selected to focus on:



Mike, Mike, Mike… you know we couldn’t keep Revis and secondly, do you REALLY think he deserves to be there this year.  Clearly this is a popularity contest.

 Good Ole’ New York.  No big city bias this year!

 Rich isn’t all that bad.  He roots for the Jets sometimes. ;)

 I’m sure the Jets would have rather had him go represent.

 When we improve next year, you’ll see Jets in the Pro Bowl.  Let’s hope the stink of years’ past is beyond us.

 How the heck did Cromartie even come close to being named to the Pro Bowl.  Did anyone actually watch his play this year?!?

  • Igor
  • sb3champs

    Big MO was most deserving. Folk got folked!

  • Alan Tompas

    Mo not getting in is criminal. The man is a beast. And when he’s done as a Jet his name will be right next to Klecko’s in their Ring of Honor.

    • Erik Manassy

      If he keeps playing like he is, yes, but still too early to say Ring of Honor. Just Saying.

    • sb3champs

      REX staying with us will help BIG MO greatly. Dunbar too. Mo is very talented!