What does the future hold for Rex Ryan?

What does the future hold for Rex Ryan?

Now that the season is just about over, I mean I know we have two games left but when the Ravens hit that 61 yard field goal to win the game, the Jets were officially eliminated.  Immediately focus shifted to the future of the franchise and it started with Rex Ryan.  The big debate is now, should Rex stay or should he go?

In my opinion, you have to give him more time.  The Jets knew that they were in a rebuilding year and that the 2013 season was part 1.  Part 2 comes next with all the picks we have in the upcoming draft and the major cap space will save assuming that the Jets part ways with the three biggest payrolls:  Sanchez, Holmes and Cromartie.  If these guys want any prayer of staying, they restructure, but I’ll be honest, I’ll move on from everyone one as they all have demonstrated as being shells of their former selves.

Rex Ryan has that front seven on defense humming, and I know he can make adjustments for the secondary.  If Rex leaves, it’s like we are hitting reset and starting over with part 1.  It’s like this year was a waste, and I believe we should build upon this year.  Geno Smith was a rookie and yes it was the ultimate roller coaster ride, so if you’re not sold on Geno, giving him real competition and the right to earn his starting job should be done.

Give Geno and Rex talent.  Surround them with the top players on offense.  Give them this next year and let’s see what they can do.  If you fire Rex now, you are hitting reset on not only the offense, you are asking for a mulligan on defense too and that would be a major mistake.  Let’s keep the same coaching staff in place, Marty Morninweg could do wonders with talent.  I’m impressed that we were able to win six games with the personnel we had this year.

Give Rex and his coaches one more year to turn this rebuilding plan around.