Santonio Holmes “Anything for the Team” Regarding Pay Cut

Santonio Holmes “Anything for the Team” Regarding Pay Cut

New York Jets WR Santonio Holmes met with the members of the New York Media Wednesday where he started making his case for the Jets to keep him.   When asked if he would consider a pay cut, he replied with “anything for the team”.

What might be in the best interest for the team, in my opinion, is for Holmes to move on.

SethWalderNYDN Would Santonio Holmes accept another pay cut this offseason if team approached him? Holmes: “Anything for the team.” #nyj 12/18/13, 3:22 PM

Now Holmes could be saying the right things because he really means it and really wants to stay with the Jets, or he’s showing and saying the right things so that he still remains attractive for another team.  Let’s face it, Holmes hasn’t been productive like he has in previous years, and still doesn’t seem to be 100% healthy all season dealing with his foot injury and hamstring.

When a player is known to be abrasive, teams and fans tend to deal with it as long as the player is still productive.  I think a lot of fans put up with Holmes but as his production has dropped, his salary has increased, and his attitude continues, some fans have had enough.

With what the Jets are paying, even Santonio knows that he’s being overpaid for the production he’s putting out on the field, hence the reason he’s stating that he wants to remain with the team and is willing to take a cut.

KristianRDyer Holmes on playing for Rex: “I would love to play for him for the next couple years and even retire here, he and I both.” 12/18/13, 3:38 PM

The Jets are in rebuilding mode, and I think they need to move on from Holmes.   What do you think?  Keep him or fire him?




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    NY Jets’ Dwight Jones returns to football after suffering through young son’s tragic death

    Jones didn’t report to training camp with the Houston Texans before the 2012 season, saying he was unsure if he wanted to play football again.


    THURSDAY, DECEMBER 19, 2013, 12:37 AM




    Jeremy Kerley (r.) and the Jets will have a new member of the Jets receiving corps after signing Dwight Jones, who is rebounding from personal tragedy to play again.


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    The Jets signed Dwight Jones to their practice squad Wednesday, a wide receiver who is returning to football after a family tragedy. Jones went undrafted in 2012 after coming out of North Carolina and signed with the Houston Texans.

    But Jones didn’t report to training camp that season, telling the Texans he wasn’t sure if we wanted to play football again and was placed on the reserve/did not report list.

    “The reason why I left Houston (was) because my son (Deizean) was sick, and he passed away. A lot of people don’t know the situation with my son and things like that. He was born real sick, a lot of medical conditions,” Jones said. “I tried to play football, but it just didn’t feel right. It was the worst feeling of my life. The feeling was God was just wanting me to spend the last moments with my son.”

    His son, at just 22 months old, died July 6.

    Jones who had 85 catches for 1,196 yards and 12 TDs during his senior season in 2011 — waffled back and forth about whether he should return to football.

    “I was thinking about it,” he said. “I really wasn’t quite sure. I was always second-guessing.”

    The Texans officially waived Jones in June of this year. He got looks from other teams, he said, but finally landed with the Jets after an impressive workout.

    Rex Ryan was watching live as Justin Tucker hit a 61-yard field goal that not only gave the Ravens a win Monday night, but officially knocked the Jets out of the playoff picture. “I felt like I got kicked in the head,” Ryan said. “I know, look, it was going to be a stretch, but you’re hanging on hope, and so we all watched it.”

    Some players also watched, but others such as Geno Smith, said he didn’t find out until the next day. Santonio Holmes said he didn’t know until Wednesday.

    “I watched the last drive,” David Nelson said. “The wind was taken out of me. It was difficult to watch. But at the same time, you know, we put ourselves in the situation. We could have taken care of business if we had played well these last five games and we just didn’t do that.”

    Nelson was in training camp with the Browns, the Jets’ next opponent, but did not make the team.

    “I only got to play one game, that last preseason game,” said Nelson, who struggled with injuries during camp.

    “And to be honest, I didn’t play very good. I think they made the right decision letting me go. I didn’t perform well.”

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