My Thoughts on the Jets Loss to the Panthers

My Thoughts on the Jets Loss to the Panthers

The New York Jets lost in Carolina today and unfortunately I had a feeling it was going to be a fight to get a win Sunday.  The Jets held their own until that surprising punt block that shifted the game and then the wheels fell off with Geno’s 5th pick six of the season.

If Baltimore wins at Detroit on Monday night, the Jets (6-8) are eliminated from playoff contention. Are we still saying that P word?  Look, let’s call this season what it has been all year, a rebuilding year.  Jets fans were teased when the the team defeated the Patriots and Saints this season, but the rest of the league caught up to them and put them at 6-8.  I predicted 6-10 for the season, and it’s still holding.

Nothing would make me happier to play spoiler to the Dolphins for the last game of the season, but let’s talk about Sunday’s game against the Panthers:

The Good


Richardson is a beast as a running back. Flashes of the Fridge anyone?

Running Game:  We had a decent running came going with Ivory looking like the Kraken, running like a beast, and giving a full effort on each run.  Powell was a nice and elusive, the opposite of Ivory, and who knew that Richardson was going to be used on goal line to score a TD!  If this guy isn’t DROY, there is something wrong with the votes.

Defensive Line:  Coples played well for his homecoming, and the d-line was very disruptive and was giving Cam pressure.  Unfortunately we still have secondary issues and the linebackers didn’t play up to their standard this game.  Harris looked slow and there seemed to be players taking the wrong angles and missing tackles.  Richardson, Harrison and Wilkerson are beasts.

The Bad

Geno Smith:  Geno showed flashes of playing good under pressure, but continued to add to his turnovers with a pick six.  Anytime you give up one of those, you are going to get thrown in the bad category.  You just can’t give up points on offense.

The Offensive Line:  Brian Winters continues to be a problem.  I know the line has been rotated out, but they have had 10 games (Winters started after the 4th game) to work together.

The Ugly

Holmes:  Look.  When you call out the secondary days before the game (and yes I know in context he was saying that their d-line was the best and their secondary was probably their weakness on the team, but still ranked 5th in the league) you fire up the squad.  Don’t believe me, boy did they let Santonio know he dropped that easy ball in the first quarter, and when he did make a catch, players were jawing at him.  You can say that Holmes whiffed big time with big talk for 2 rec, 14yards.

I think fans are sick of big talk for a guy who hardly can make it to the field because of injuries and when he does, he puts up poor numbers.  I don’t know about you, but I’m done with this guy.  I hope the Jets see it and finally move on from a part-time overpaid Jets player.

Special Teams:  The game shifted when the Jets gave up that punt block.  They were in the game until that momentum shift.

This ugly block changed the game

  • sb3champs

    Of course giving GENO a bad grade and not saying how many times his Ol got him hit is wrong. How many drops were there by the receivers? Yes after that blocked punt Geno put too much on his shoulders and went for gold rather then being careful. FAVRE made a career out of it. GENO was the least prepared QB to come out of college in many years because of his lack of playing under center. His talent is obvious. He threw a pick 6 and came right back and looked good! He did not shrivel up and hide. That is the mark of a QB ready to go to the next step. An off-season of learning plus some receivers who get separation and can catch would help greatly.. In camp next year let Geno duke it out with REAL competition and the best QB wins. I will bet that Geno is the last man standing!