I think the Jets and Geno Missed Jeremy Kerley

I think the Jets and Geno Missed Jeremy Kerley

Think the Jets missed Jeremy Kerley?  It certainly looked like it when the Jets took on the Raiders today and pulled off the win.  With Holmes, Kerley and Winslow Jr. all on the field for the first time in a while, Geno looked like he had the weapons he’s been needing.

waynechrebet Good to have KERLEY back. 12/8/13, 1:28 PM
RayLucas06 Jeremy Kerley!!!!! So happy he is back 12/8/13, 1:27 PM

Here is the video I took from my seats from the touchdown from Geno to Kerley.


Kellen Winslow on him, Tonetime + Jeremy Kerley: “We’re playmakers + that’s our job to go make plays for (Geno). And that’s what we did.”
12/8/13, 5:44 PM

Kerley attacks the ball at it’s highest point

The Jets were missing this playmaker


  • shari

    now thats what im talking about #playlikeajet, Great video of a great Kerly fries touchdown! Thanks for taking me to the game today Erik!!

  • sb3champs

    any QB would miss his favorite target. The fact that Geno has NO other targets is a sad commentary. The fans who dump on Geno because they have their own agenda make me sick. This guy has won 6 games with little to no talent surrounding him. A weak OL and a sputtering run game. The pundits all predicted 2 wins for the Jets max. and here we are at 6 and still the SANCHEZ fan boys HATE Geno. United we stand; divided we fall.