Kellen Winslow Jr. Learns the Hard That No Tweet Goes Unnoticed

Kellen Winslow Jr. Learns the Hard That No Tweet Goes Unnoticed

Kellen Winslow Jr. is being called out for giving up, all because of a tweet.  Rich Cimini wrote an article reporting about a tweet that Kellen had wrote about in response to Donte Stallworth, who he thinks will be in the AFC Championship game.

After Sunday’s loss to the Miami Dolphins, tight end Kellen Winslow basically said the New York Jets are out of playoff contention. On Monday night, he took it a step further, tweeting his predictions for the AFC and NFC championships.

In a Twitter reply to free-agent wide receiver Donte Stallworth, Winslow said, “I got the pats vs broncos in AFC championship game and Panthers vs Seahawks in NFC championship,” as first noted by Newsday.

Yes, he did NOT pick the Jets.  Many people see that as an issue because he is essentially announcing that his team is done and he is throwing in the towel.  ESPN

“We’ve lost three straight, so, obviously [that's] not good,” he said. “But we’ll go down swinging. We have to go to work. This is our job. It’s not like the season is over. It might be record-wise, but it’s still football. We still love it.”

Always Keep Your Guard Up

Players have to be under constant watch on what they are tweeting and maybe he had his guard down.  Maybe he was just chilling on his iPad with his kids and just having a basic conversation with a fellow NFLer.

Oh wait, he was judging from a tweet I found from his wife.  The picture shows the TE in a restaurant holding his two children and what looks like working an iPad.