Tom Brady Would Have Lost the Jets Dolphins Game Sunday

Tom Brady Would Have Lost the Jets Dolphins Game Sunday

It’s tough to be a fan at your own stadium and witness an inept offense while the opposing teams fans celebrate and stick it to you by high fiving and giving you the smirk like you’ve just been duped out of your hard earned money watching the New York Jets play.

Prior to the game, I was at my usual tailgate spot, L7, and spoke with many Jets fans.  Many a fan would walk up to me and ask me what I thought the outcome was going to be for the game we were about to watch at 1pm Sunday.  I told them without hesitation that we were going to lose and that it probably will get ugly fast.

They gave me a look like I was nuts, or horrified that I was quick to answer, but the truth of the matter is that you need to SCORE POINTS ON OFFENSE in the NFL to win games.  We had been in a major drought leading up to this game, and nothing that Rex, the players or anything I was hearing from the beat writers was leading me to believe that the offense had turned their woes around.

Geno Smith was pulled at half time, Is he done for the year?

Many people were / are screaming for Geno to be benched and that Matt Simms would be a better option, but as the game had shown us, it doesn’t matter who you put under center.  You are going to get the same outcome if you put Tom Brady behind that line with those running backs and wide receivers and tight ends.

I’m not attacking players personally, I’m saying that there is a reason the Jets haven’t scored a TD since October.  It’s simple:  There are not enough star talented players on this offense.  You can blame Geno Smith, Matt Simms, Rex Ryan, or Stephen Hill all you want, but the fact is that the Jets are lacking talent.

I think it’s safe to say that the Jets have topped out and peaked when they shocked the Saint and defeated them at home.  The reality is that with injuries to some talented players or lack of talent on the field, the Jets are showing their true colors.  I’m one of those fans that think righting the Jets ship wasn’t a one year fix.  It may not be a two year fix, but this year is about or should be about creating a foundation.  The front seven players on defense is this team’s foundation, and ignoring the offensive needs through the draft or free agency is now rearing it’s ugly head.

What Rex, Woody and John are going to find out the hard way is that the NFL today is about offense.  I truly believe that Rex Ryan was/is attempting to build this team in the image of the 2000 Ravens.  With the changes to all the rules now to protect quarterbacks, and defenseless receivers, you need to change with the times.  Rex Ryan is adamant about his defensive style of play, but as I have said many times, Rex needs to realize that offensive is part of this team too especially when you are the head coach.

Rex needs to stop coaching and leading this team as a glorified defensive coordinator with a head coach hat.  Here we are in year five and we are reliving the same problems regardless if Sanchez, Smith and now Simms is under center.  This may finally lead to the demise of Rex as the Jets head coach.

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