My Thoughts Going into the Dolphins Game

My Thoughts Going into the Dolphins Game

I can’t even begin to stress the importance of the game against the AFC Rival Miami Dolphins for Sunday.

Every game is important, but with the AFC wild card up for grabs and about 75% of the teams still in the hunt, the Jets can keep their hopes alive with a win or take a major step back with a loss.



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The topics that have been popping in my head after 11 games in the books and with the regular season coming to a close:

  • The Defense hasn’t been stellar as a complete group, but that front seven is pretty special.
  • The Defense can keep the Jets in the games, but they can’t win them.  To win the National Football League, YOU MUST SCORE POINTS.
  • The Jets have scored ONE TD in the last 31 possessions with Geno Smith as the starting QB under center.
  • It’s easy to put all the blame on Geno, but you shouldn’t.  It’s difficult to win when you are surrounded by mediocre players in the skill positions.
  • It’s even more troubling when top prospects you drafted in higher rounds do not develop as fast as you hoped or at all.  I’m looking at you Stephen Hill.
  • I still believe that this is Geno’s job to lose.  He’s auditioning all season, hence the reason they won’t pull him and put in Matt Simms.
  • Antonio Cromartie, Santonio Holmes and Mark Sanchez might be done with the franchise after this year.