Staying with Geno Smith is the Right Move for the Jets

Staying with Geno Smith is the Right Move for the Jets

I think it is safe to say that the New York Jets fan base for the most part want immediate results.  They want a winner and they want to win every game.  Of course that’s what every fan of every team wants, but when you are a fan of a franchise that hasn’t won the big won in some time and are supposed to be rebuilding, sometimes you need to take a step back and look at the decisions the Jets make and realize maybe it’s long term decisions vs. short term gratification when it comes to the management’s philosophy.

Case in point:  Rex Ryan announced yesterday that he is staying with Geno Smith at the quarterback position.  Many Jets fans, from what I see on Twitter, want the Jets to replace Smith with Simms.  It is clear to me that the Jets need to find out if Geno Smith is the future of the franchise.  This full season is Geno’s 16 game audition.  Pulling him out of the starting role would make no sense what so ever, no matter how much the rookie struggles.

“Right now, I would feel he gives us the best chance to win,” Ryan said.

Ryan refused to say whether he considered starting backup Matt Simms, a first-year player whose only experience came in two mop-up outings. He also dodged a question about whether he’d give Simms some first-team reps in practice this week.

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Matt Simms is not the Answer

Matt Simms is not the future of the Jets.  He wasn’t drafted but signed as an udrafted free agent.  He was a long shot to  make the team and kudos to him for being the backup but a lot of moons aligned (Sanchez Injury, Garrard Injury) to put him in this position.

I truly believe that if Simms supporters got their wish, they would see worse results.  The fact remains that the Jets have holes at wide receiver, poor play at the offensive line and play calling to minimize quarterback mistakes.  I agree with Rex that Geno Smith gives the Jets the best option to win games and that we must ride out the storm.

If Geno fails the “audition” then it’s back to the drawing board in 2014.  I personally think we can’t afford to keep hitting reset on the QB.  Here is hoping the rookie starts to make drastic improvement in these final games.

  • Money$hot Mac

    Great piece, but you left out the fact that Geno didn’t actually win his starting spot. If not for the Sanchez injury, he wouldn’t be starting. So my question is why so loyal to a guy who couldn’t even win the job in training camp? How can he considered franchise?

    • Erik Manassy

      I agree, Sanchez would have been the starter, but since it is Geno, we need to find out if he can be the future. I’m not loyal to a guy, I’m in favor of a long term strategy. Going with Simms would set us back at this time of the season.

  • Lord Mandrake

    How can you say Simms has no shot? Not saying he’s the next Brady, but let’s not forget where Brady was drafted and how he came to be the starter in NE. Hypothetically if Geno goes down for the season with an injury and Simms takes over and shines… Would that be enough to end Geno’s “audition”? And if that answer is a yes, then why not just pull the plug on him if he bombs another game? In that case I feel like a 12 game audition is just as effective as 16.

    • Erik Manassy

      I feel that Geno is a better talent than Simms. I think it’s safe to say that Geno’s struggles are mostly due to the lack of talent around him. What makes you think Simms would do better? Both have canon arms, both are rookies. Simms has only showed us what he can do in a limited role. Sure it’s a gamble but once you go the Simms route, how can you go back to the guy we drafted in the second round. Why do this only 11 games into his career? For the playoffs? I like my Jets, but do we really think if we get in we are going far and through NE or Denver? The backup QB is always the favorite when the starter struggles.

      • beecee71

        Erik- You absolutely can go back to Geno if Simms fails. Why wouldn’t you be able to? Is there some kind of psyche issue? If there is then Geno certainly isn’t the qb. Take the baby gloves off. They are all professionals, rookies or not. The big question that those of us that want to see Simms is can Simms succeed? You can’t be certain Simms won’t. We won’t have an answer until we see him in a game in meaningful time. Geno looks lost right now. We’ve beaten the Saints and NE. Good solid wins. Giants teams that have won the superbowl looked just as bad as we do right now. Are the odds likely, no, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen.

        • Erik Manassy

          I don’t know him and I’m just going on what I see, but a young rookie pulled from a starting job with this much scrutiny has to mess with your psyche, right? Maybe that’s a non-issue, but I just don’t know. The pros out weigh the cons of keeping Geno the starter, at least for me…

  • beecee71

    I’m just seeing the same pattern here as Sanchez. Maybe some time to sit would be beneficial. Something Sanchez never got. I don’t think anyone would say the Jets made all the right moves with Sanchez, yet here we are again. Turnover prone qb, good defense, and a coach that refuses to give up on “his guy”. Honestly, how much worse can the results get? Even if they do it still just equates to a loss, something we will be getting in abundance with the current qb play. 22.3, 10.1 Geno’s last two qb ratings. I’m not giving up on Geno either. I just want him to sit a game or two and give Simms a chance. Yes, an undrafted guy who has done nothing but earn his way on the team. A player who has actually looked decent when given the chance. All people are asking for is to see him get a real chance. Look back on last year, would it have been so awful to have given Tebow a start. If just to have let him fail and been able to say to all the fanatics,”See, we told you”. I support Rex as coach, but at the end of the season if Simms doesn’t get a chance and Geno continues this poor play then I will be 100% behind firing Rex. You can not do the same thing all the time and expect different results. 18 ints 9 fumbles how many pick sixes? How many of those fumbles deep in our own territory. Unless you think Sanchez was a good qb, I can not find one good qb that started as bad as Geno. Don’t bring up Peyton, his 28 ints came with 26 tds and a horrifically bad colts team. This team could win if it had any semblance of decent qb play. Hell, it’s doing it for the most part without it right now.

  • JetsSlim

    Geno Smith has shown in games, that if Marty & Rex take the Bubble Wrap off him and actually let him play like an NFL QB he can get the Job done.

    In my opinion our losses this season are from a combined effort of the team ( Special shout out to Cro, Milliner and our Secondary, and our O-line who at times are happy to let 2 tanks side by side straight through the grand canyon type gaps and smash our rookie QB)

    Aye he is a Rookie who is making mistakes, BIG ONES! at times, but I have seen enough to tell me if he gets proper protection and time to throw the rock with no fear he can move the chains.

    I will finish with this though…. If Marty & Rex continue to dig deep in this ultra conservative playbook that is making us so 1 dimensional and easy to read, then they need to sit Geno’s ass on the bench, put in someone they have faith in and let the new guy air it out. LET THE KID THROW!

    • Erik Manassy

      Why are they constantly putting the cuffs on the quarterbacks. Maybe both aren’t that good? What’s the constant, different QB, different O-Coordinator, different weapons, different O-Line, same Ole’ Rex. I think this might be it for Rex. Can’t win championships with very good D’s only.