Some Brutally Truthful Tweets during the Jets Ravens Game

Some Brutally Truthful Tweets during the Jets Ravens Game

The Jets lost very ugly (again) in Baltimore.  I knew that it was going to be a challenge to beat the Ravens anyway, but with this offense, whew, that was ugly to watch.  Did you know we are 1-8 against the Ravens all-time?

So I was checking twitter to see who and what people were saying about the Jets.  Oh and in the video, it’s Salas not Hazleton, ACE.

Here we go:

RealJoeNamath Even for a true Jets fan, this is tough to watch. 11/24/13 3:23 PM


shawnemerriman Jets offense is lost in the sauce #NFL 11/24/13 3:04 PM
NFLonFOX Geno Smith has the 2nd most receiving yards for the Jets at half. Seriously. 11/24/13 2:22 PM
damienwoody This is ridiculous by Jets OL—block somebody!!! 11/24/13 1:58 PM
ESPN_Colin The Jets prove you can’t win w JUST defense. The Bucs are proving they have found their franchise QB. 11/24/13 3:52 PM
BruceBeck4NY 25 total completions in the last 3 games for Geno Smith! #Jets 11/24/13 4:05 PM
richmacleod The #Jets are now 1-8 against the Ravens in their history, and winless since their first match-up in 1997. 11/24/13 4:20 PM
Dameshek Kellen Clemens – who once got cut by the Jets in favor of Mark Sanchez – has outplayed Geno Smith, who the Jets drafted to replace Sanchez. 11/24/13 4:26 PM