The Jets Come on Flat to the Bills after the Bye

The Jets Come on Flat to the Bills after the Bye

The New York Jets were 5-4 going into Buffalo today the continued to follow the script (win/lose) this season, losing ugly to the Bills, 37-14.  This was supposed to be the week that the Jets were going to break the streak with an easy win.  I saw that #JetsTwitter was very confident it was going to be a statement blowout game.

With the same online jabbing at the #Billsmafia (the bills fan club on twitter), it looked like our own crew (#JetsTwitter) was going to have the upper hand but then they played the game.

DavidNelson86 I expect nothing less from you #BillsMafia. Congrats on the win- it was a pleasure playing in front of you today. 11/17/13 5:44 PM

The Jets were NEVER in it.

Geno Takes a Step Back?

I know he’s a rookie, but Geno Smith looked horrible.  You can’t blame his poor performance on the weather.  Yes it was windy but the other rookie QB was able to throw TD’s and control the game.  Geno ended up finishing 8 of 23 for 103 yards four turnovers – including a lost fumble – before being yanked in favor of Matt Simms after three quarters.

Geno fumbles the ball in a Bills Rout. (Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images)

The one INT was for a pick six. I think he’s close to leading the league in that category.

There are No Weapons for Geno

An argument can be made that Geno had a poor game because the line couldn’t protect him, he has no weapons to throw to and injuries continue to plague the wide receivers so there is no consistent target for Geno.  Man if I didn’t know better, this sounds like last year when Mark Sanchez was the QB.  You can’t make excuses for Geno’s play if you were one of the fans that ripped on Mark.  They appear to be mirror images of each other right now.

Stephen Hill is just a ghost.  Where has this man gone?  Santonio was a welcomed site for Geno when they hooked up on some key plays, but the play of the other receivers including the tight ends were non-existent.

What happened to the Defense?

I think it’s safe to say that our front seven has been outstanding, but they didn’t show up in their normal fashion today.  With really no pressure on EJ, the rookie QB was able to buy his time and pick apart our secondary.  Reed showed some flashes, but it was Cromartie and Milliner who continue to disappoint.  Both gave up touchdowns where Milliner looked lost looking for the ball when the wind held it up, and Cromartie just had the receiver blow past him for an easy long ball touchdown.

(Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images)

The Bye Weeks

Under Rex’s tenure, the Jets are now 1-4 after the bye week.  Why can’t Rex get this team ready?  They looked FLAT all game.  Rex even said that they were lackluster in some of the week’s practices.  A playoff team doesn’t play like this, and they certainly don’t lose one of five games on the road, which the Jets have done.

The funny thing is, the Jets have still played above my expectations.  I had them going 6-10 all year.  With an above average front seven on defense, a poor secondary and inconsistent offense all the way through with a rookie QB, this team is average at best.  They truly are average to this point:  5-5 or .500.

Do the Jets tease us when they defeat the Patriots and Saints the way they do?  Do they make you nuts when they lose bad to the Bengals and Bills?  Frustrating to say the least, but then again, we are supposed to be rebuilding, right?


  • Sandi Rhodes

    It makes me crazy when they lose like that!! They might as well have stayed home!!

  • sb3champs

    Mark Sanchez had better weapons then Geno and could not get them the ball! He practiced with his security blanket KELLER and a healthy Kerley all the time. Geno has not had that luxury at all. His receivers were coming and going all year. How does any QB develop intuition with his receivers that way? Yes I know that many Sanchez supporters need to dump on Geno but this is still a team game. If Sanchez were forced to play behind an OL with a rookie OG with no experience and a new (R) OG , his pocket presence would have suffered greatly. Geno was far from perfect but the guy came to us as a very raw QB in need of a season of sitting on the bench behind a veyeran QB. Instead he was thrown into the fire and won 8 games and still “some” Jets fans have a need to dump on him. I get it!.