“Play Like a Jet” Means Play Like Wayne Chrebet

“Play Like a Jet” Means Play Like Wayne Chrebet

I was in the Wayne Chrebet mood yesterday on twitter.  What I mean by that, I saw that Wayne was on twitter responding to fans wishing him well with his career after football.  There was a great article about how Wayne left the game he loved when he received his last and final concussion which was his last play ever as a Jet.

I was at that game, and I remember turning to my Father and said to him “That’s it.  That’s the last time we’ll ever see #80 play”.  I remember getting distraught knowing that I would never see him play.  Now I didn’t know he had a concussion while he laid on the field, but judging by the delay, and the way the Jets personnel were acting, it was serious.

Wayne played with Grit.

So after reading the article, thinking about how Wayne was my favorite Jet for a long time, I thought about how HE is the perfect example when they say “Play Like A Jet”, they mean Wayne Chrebet.

I tweeted that statement out and attached Wayne’s twitter name.

Chrebet’s reply: