Opposing Teams must Deal with Jets’ Crowd Noise

Opposing Teams must Deal with Jets’ Crowd Noise

What a great win on Sunday when the Jets took down the mighty New Orleans Saints.  Everyone had us falling to Drew Brees in a big way in all the pre-game shows and it goes to show the resiliency of this team.  It’s difficult to win on the road, and the Saints learned that the hard way by falling to the Jets 26-20.

Bring the Noise

I mentioned in a previous article (after New England Patriots game), that the New York Jets showed a decimal meter on the big screens during the game.  It measured the crowd noise and was used as areal-time motivator for the crowd to get louder and be a bigger distraction for offenses that play us. It worked against Tom Brady and it certainly worked against Drew Brees.

In fact, the Saints had to call their first timeout only 12:55 into the game.  The Saints then used all their first half timeouts in the first quarter, which is unheard of in today’s game.  All the Saints’ timeouts seemed to be miscommunication from the crowd noise.  This proved crucial in the game when Antonio Cromartie intercepted Brees on a questionable side line grab.  In real-time at the stadium, we the fans all thought that Cromartie didn’t get both feet down, but regardless, the Saints didn’t even have the chance to challenge it if they wanted to as the crowd, indirectly contributed to that big play.  The Jets eventually would convert the turnover to a Geno Smith touchdown.

On Twitter I posted a picture of the decimal reader I took at the game showing on the big board.  I boasted that we hit 100 decimals, something the fans didn’t accomplish in the Patriots game two weeks prior.  I received a reply that said we actually went well above 100, hitting 114 when we Coples made the fourth down stop to turn the ball over.  The tweet was from the actual Jets employee who was holding the meter.

BrandoGoldhecht @e_man You guys got to 114 on the Coples 4th down stop…Well done guys! 11/4/13 10:37 AM
BrandoGoldhecht @e_man I’m the guy holding the decibel reader haha also got to 108 on Geno TD run 11/4/13 10:39 AM

One thing is clear, there is a big difference from crowd noise from the first game of the season to the last game played against the Saints.  Why the change from the Jets fans?  Winning cures all, and with the Jets proving the doubters who had them pegged as the worst team in the NFL winning games, Jets fans have something to be excited about.  Now let’s figure out how to pipe this noise to the road games.  The Jets are a mere 1-3 on the road.  If they can fix losing on the road and continue to win at home, it may be an interesting finish for the Jets’ 2013 season.  Go Jets.

  • Sandi Rhodes

    great write up Erik! It sure sounded loud on TV.

  • jay

    Just to remind you that any turnover is automatically reviewed. So it did not matter if the Saints had no timeouts. Still a GREAT job by Jets fans way to show your support. I can only watch on TV how are the J- E -T -S JETS JETS JETS chants going I don’t hear it during the broadcast?