Is Dee Milliner a Bust?

Is Dee Milliner a Bust?

Ok Ok, I know, it’s his rookie year and Dee Milliner is only eight games into his first campaign.   He was chosen 9th overall in this year’s draft and although it’s unfair to say it, he was replacing Darrell Revis, the best corner back in football who jumped ship to the Bucs.  Ok, he’s not replacing Revis, but many fans thing so (Sheldon Richardson was chosen with the pick for Revis).

So who broke Dee?  Why can’t this guy make a play, I mean any play.  He has been so undeniably below average.  At least the guy admits when he messes up.  Said this past game vs. the Cincinnatti Bengals:

“It was just a terrible game,” Milliner said. “I’m there in position to make plays. I just didn’t make them. Most of the plays that happened out there was on me.”

The Recent Facts

  • Milliner has been injured and has managed to make it through a full game only three times thus far.
  • Dee was benched in the second quarter of the Bengals Game.
  • Teammate and fellow CB Cromartie says that Dee needs to get back to the basics.  He needs to JUST play football.
  • HC Ryan said that he’s not tipping his hat if Dee will be playing in the future, only to say that they”ll “play who we feel is the best guy for us”.

WHAT SAY YOU?  Do you Think Dee Milliner is a bust so far?

  • JayM

    Milliner played a total of 5 games and missed most of training camp. Have some patients.

    • Erik Manassy

      I personally have the patience, but I asked the question because many fans I have run into are calling him that. I like to wait 3 years before I use that term.

  • jgriff120

    TO early to tell corners take time usually!