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Jets Santonio Holmes Tweets Disgust for Media’s Reaction to His Quote

Jets Santonio Holmes Tweets Disgust for Media’s Reaction to His Quote

Here we go again.  The great relationship between Santonio Holmes and the New York Media.  It’s no secret that Tone’ is no fan of the beat writers often giving cold quick answers when he’s required to talk to them according to NFL rules.

Thursday, Tone put out a “money” quote and the media made sure to take full advantage.  The quote?

”Can’t throw it to myself and catch it. Otherwise, I would.”

Friday morning, the player put this tweet out:


Here has been some of the twitter reaction:

NYJetsfan28 @ToneTime10 Easy fix. Stop talking. 10/4/13 7:45 AM
ToneTime10 @NYJetsfan28 we get fined if we don’t talk 2 the media. 10/4/13 7:53 AM
@ToneTime10 what do you expect from NY media? They sell their soul to trash everybody.
10/4/13 7:47 AM
@ToneTime10 boooo. #shakeitoff
10/4/13 7:46 AM
@ToneTime10 You know we love you.. :) just get better.. we want you healthy… and we need you on the field..
10/4/13 7:55 AM
@ToneTime10 Completely different story when you have a game winning catch, get well soon and show them your a true number one wr.
10/4/13 7:55 AM

If you look at Tone’s time line, he then spent the next minutes after the initial tweet to retreat many fans responses.  You know this even itself will also be an article (other than a blogger, me) for the beat writers.