Mo Wilkerson RTing Titan’s Fans’ Hate Tweets

Mo Wilkerson RTing Titan’s Fans’ Hate Tweets

Mo Wilkerson’s hit on Titan’s QB Jake Locker is some of the talk this Monday after the Jets Loss.  Mo’s hit on Jake is in question even though the DE didn’t get flagged in the game.  The hit was so big, it put Locker in the hospital and the word is that the QB may miss 4-8 weeks due to a hip injury.

AdamSchefter League is considering fining Jets DE Muhammad Wilkerson and LB Quinton Coples for hit that injured Titans QB Jake Locker. 9/30/13 10:02 AM

Mo’s hit was not malicious but many question if he was just a little late.  Head coach Mike Munchack said that Wilkerson should have eased up but instead put his head down and hit him full force in the chest.  Quinton Coples then finished off the hit and he may be getting a fine as well even though he wasn’t flagged in the game as well.

KMart_LI Mike Munchak calls Coples’ hit on Jake Locker ‘totally unnecessary,’ adds Wilkerson should’ve pulled back ~> #jets 9/30/13 5:37 PM

I’m sure Titan fans are less than pleased as Locker was having a very good 2013 campaign thus far.  Wilkerson has been RTing some of the vile some Titan’s fans have been directing to him:

@mowilkerson U a bitch 4 ur hit on J. Locker! I aint 1 to go back o & 4th on twitter. Once again u a bitch. I will gladly give u my address!
9/30/13 4:17 PM
@mowilkerson locker had been threw the ball..what was yo point of hittn em?? Cus he was carving y’all slaw ass d? U a f*** nig**
9/30/13 4:29 PM


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CLoprestiWFAN I feel terrible for Jake Locker but the Wilkerson hit is a touch late and not dirty. Coples looks to be bracing for impact. #NYJ 9/30/13 5:26 PM
KMart_LI Munchak said of Mo’s hit: “He dropped his helmet into him & unloaded on him. Ur supposed to pull back on him when ur late. He didn’t” #jets 9/30/13 5:17 PM
SethWalderNYDN Mo Wilkerson receiving some nasty messages from Titans fans. He has RT’d several of them. 9/30/13 4:41 PM