Rapid Reaction to the Jets Loss to the Titans

Rapid Reaction to the Jets Loss to the Titans

From the word GO, the Jets had a rough time at it against the Tennessee Titans with their second loss dropping their record to 2-2 for the season.

I know people keep telling me that Geno is a rookie and that I should have patience, but he now leads the league in interceptions and he seems to be making the same mistakes.  When I see people talking about his turnover’s they always use the work “BAD” as in, “Geno had two very BAD turnovers today”.

I think all turnovers’ are bad, but I believe Geno is making more than rookie mistakes.  He’s trying to do too much with the ball.  For example, the fumble that led to a TD for the Titans.  Geno was trying to switch the ball from his throwing hand to his left hand while back peddling and he tried to do this behind his back.  Geno described his play as “Piss Poor” during the presser and I have to concur.

The Bad

Stephen Hill was knocked out on the first pass play, Santonio Holmes left with a hamstring injury and Kerley took a big time shot to his head once again.

The penalties improved, well sort of.  I mean when you commit a franchise record of twenty flags, there is only one way to go, correct? Well, let’s cut that number in half to ten but they were still bad penalties.


I like to look at an NFL season (16 games) as a game broken into quarters.  I’m not the only one that does that, but now that our 1st quarter has completed, we are 2-2, .500.  Considering most pundits left us for dead, we were a surprise to have this many wins this early, but I want to win them all.  I’m a Jets fan.  I’m also realistic and our next three games could be brutal.  We go on the road to the Falcons, then back home to face a pissed off defeated Steelers team (for now they are 0-4), and then are arch-rival the Patriots.

As Willie Colon said tonight, it’s a marathon not a sprint.

eallenjets Willie Colon:”It’s a marathon – not a sprint.” Jets are 2-2 at the 1st quarter pole. 9/29/13 7:58 PM

I had the Jets going 6-10 when the season started, and I’m sticking to it.  We are a young team with a rookie quarterback.  We will have flashed and we will have, well… games like today.  Nothing went well, but as long as Geno and the Jets keep improving, I’ll be satisfied.

I think the people who are calling for Matt Simms to start need to look at the big picture.  We may have finally moved on from Mark Sanchez, from no fault of his own due to that injury, and we need to see if the 2nd round pick we used on Geno will pay off.  Going the Matt Simms route would make absolutely no sense to me.  Yes Geno had 2 INT and 2 lost fumbles today, but Simms is NOT the answer.  No we do not need to see what he can do with the 1′s four games into the season.  He’s lucky to be where is now, and that is a back up.  Harsh?  I don’t think so.