Why this Jets Fan Watched “Darrelle Revis, A Football Life”

Why this Jets Fan Watched “Darrelle Revis, A Football Life”

The NFL Network aired “Darrelle Revis, A Football Life” Tuesday night and I knew I had to tune into to see what Revis specifically went through while he was a New York Jet on his way from recovering from his ACL injury.  I had to know if any more information came out about his “divorce” with the New York Jets that I may have missed or was never aired before.

Revis24 On to a new chapter!!! #itsabucslife 9/17/13 9:33 PM

Many fans, at least on Twitter, put the brave face on and didn’t want to watch the special because in their minds I think they moved on, or maybe they still feel disgruntled, betrayed, or however you want to clarify their feelings.

Me?  I wasn’t happy that the Jets traded the best player on the team, but I get it.  I get why they did it.  Revis had the history of holdouts, and some of his comments in this show contradict the true story.  What I mean by that is we see one side of the story.  We hear the tale from Revis’ Mother how she paints the picture that the Jets didn’t want him.  As beat writer, Rich Cimini, tweeted during the show, it takes two to tango.

RichCimini A couple of references in “AFL” (NFL Network) about how Jets “gave up on” Revis. Please. It takes 2 for a divorce. 9/17/13 10:03 PM

While watching the show, I couldn’t help but realize how embedded I am in the Jets organization.  What I mean by that is I have met many of the people that were on the episode.  Perhaps the most interaction I had into the Revis clan was through John Geiger, Revis’ business manager and close friend.


Anyone who follows me on twitter closely knows that I have tailgated at L7 many times and it is where John and I first met.  During the “good” years, what I like to call 2009 and 2010, when we were making the run for the super bowls, I would travel to the games during the playoffs and I always managed to bump into John either at the facilities, or a team lobby in Indy or Pittsburgh.

I had interviewed John early in 2009 when no one ever heard of him in Jets land, and we would DM and keep in touch by phone or twitter on various topics.  I know that John, and I would like to think Darrelle, would read my blog Jets Twit to see what my thoughts were of the Jets and Revis.

I posted a tweet about the episode after I watched it last night and I saw that John RT’ed my post.

e_man I thought the Revis #AFootballLife was good… #Jets 9/18/13 1:38 AM

On one particular game against the Miami Dolphins, no not the game where he tore his ACL, Darrelle had a long INT for a touchdown.  My Father and I were lucky enough to get passes to the Jets rooms where players hang with family after the game.  It is there where John called me over and I was introduced to Darrelle’s mother and family.  Most of the families and players had left the area but there were just a little crowd of us waiting for Darrelle.  He came out and everyone greeted him.  This is where I personally met Darrelle for the first and only time.  I simple shook his hand and said GREAT GAME.  He looked me in my eye and said, thank you.

The awkward reunion on Revis’ return to the Jets field

Events like the one I described above popped into my head as I was watching the Revis special.  I felt myself getting pumped up when Revis was facing adversity but had a great attitude.  I felt bad for him that he felt the betrayal from the Jets.  I could tell he was bothered by the fact that Rex Ryan looked cold in warm ups on the first game of the season this year.

During the entire show, I could tell when Darrelle was bothered by something.  He had that nervous laugh.  It was a forced little chuckle and it occurred every time Andrea Kramer asked him an uncomfortable question.

Darrelle Revis wants to be Darrelle Revis again.  I’m not so sure he’ll have the feeling he had in New York as Tampa is a completely different animal and market.  I thought it was a little ironic that reports surfaced on the same day of this show that the corner back was very unhappy with the team’s direction and specifically had an issue with the head coach Greg Schiano.  Schiano was on the episode and he was absolutely glowing when he was interviewed that he had Revis.

Revis24 What’s going on Buc fans. Just to clear the smoke. I’m happy to be a Buccaneer & I’m happy to be a resident of Tampa. 9/17/13 3:52 PM
Revis24 I’m excited for this year & I’m excited about this team as we move forward to prepare each week to get a W!!! 9/17/13 3:55 PM

So as a Jets fan, I wish Darrelle Revis nothing but the best.  I want him to continue where he left off when he left the Jets.  I want him to be Revis Island again.  I want him to be a first ballot Hall of Famer.  You may feel the opposite of me because of how he left.  You may feel he’s only about the money, but on the field, he was one of the best to ever suit up for the Jets.

I would like to think there are Jets fans like me who wish him well.

  • delzer

    This happens in football all the time. Players want to get paid and teams dont want to pay them. Do i wish Revis was still a Jet? Hell yes. But he’s not. But when he was he always left everything on the field. I will always like him and respect him for this. Fans should always remember what he did on the field and not why he left.

  • Jessica Phillips

    Very well said, and I completely agree.

  • Sandi Rhodes

    Very well written Erik! I totally agree with you!

  • Xavion Newkirk

    I agree with you Erik. I do wish him well. Its tough to see homegrown talent go. Especially someone with his work ethic and dedication to being the best. He was an asset to the Jets and Im sure the secondary misses him. There were a number of Plays the Jets were beat deep vs Pats. I enjoyed the special. It is a sad part of the game when the money part gets involved. I do think that Woody would have refused to pay him even without a Salary Cap though.